Season 2 - Breaking of the Seal!


Your thoughts!

And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal
silence covered the sky
Take me back to the rivers of belief
Take me back to the rivers of belief
my friend
I look inside my heart
I look inside my soul
I’m reaching out for you
Lets hope one day
We’ll rest in peace
on my rivers of belief

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

Only 15 mins now.

Pretty excited to see if the devs actually managed to rise above and beyond the literary magnificence of Season 1… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Isarnia just told me she’s ready to freeze Atlantis over for me, if I want her to. Cold, isn’t she? :grin:


everything is leaked, im curious if they added anything new


Here’s to high hopes - may they not be dashed and may everyone have the best of luck with their summons! :smile:





I’m totally logging off the forum for a while. Can’t have the storyline spoiled!!! OMGZOR!!!


My first Atlantis summon gave me Valen :smile:

Nice Atlantis offer by the way, let’s hope this offer will be monthly next to the challenge offer :slight_smile:

I noticed the banner of Drake Fong is gone. Does this means no hotm during Atlantis event? Only older hotm


I got the tanuki-looking Danzaburo for 100 coins.


Video for 30 Atlantis summons, after seeing the results I m done spending any money on this game.


just cleared stage 1-2 easy need to wait for points to heal but looks tough ahead, 1-3 takes place in poison swamp eeeks. got couple coins from 1-2


issit just me or is the seafood you summoned just hedious?


Wow that is ridiculous. 30 pulls for that crap?!? Unbelievable.


Yeah there are some nasty creatures, personally i was ok with summons but bonus ascension chest now that was just horrible.


Yeah and crappy chest items was cherry on top


I just did a 30 pull and the ascension items are a joke I did get misandra though


I was hoping they’re gonna get rid of regular 3* in the Atlantis Summon since you need to pay more for it (350 gems). Kinda disappointed :roll_eyes:

The gem offers is great, very cheap comparing to the regular 400 gems offer from the shop.

Here are my pulls:

I was hoping on getting Tarlak cause I don’t have any 5* greens. But oh well, that wasn’t so bad but I still think the Atlantis summons are a steal.


I was thinking about buying the offer but I‘m happy I didn‘t. Saved 350 gems for the last five weeks to get Azar. Regular or Atlantis 3* heroes for 350 gems? - no thank you I pass! Cruel moneypit…



[Complaint + Solution] Atlantis Portal: Get RID of Season 1 Three-Stars. PLEASE
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once