Season 2 Boss and Monster mission III appeared then vanished

When province 7 opened up, I had already completed the prior missions to kill undead privateers and stegosaurians, and saw a new pair of missions appeared.

Then it disappeared. (Before I found any of those monsters or bosses; I forgot which ones they were.)

Is this a bug?

If it matters, I have yet to complete the 100 magical night stages mission.

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They removed those, since there were mistakes on those. Like avatar, which already had been in those missions and enemies, which aren’t there yet.


Ok, kinda makes sense. If I recall correctly, the number needed was looking pretty excessive and not something I would bother farming for the avatars, unless I wanted to farm it on a daily basis, so my level of concern for it is fairly low, compared to the confusion about the teaser.

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Thanks for the question, I was wondering the same thing and was about to contact SG :wink:. It would be sad to get the same avatar for all of the work required.

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Would be a lot of work hunting for monsters that aren’t out yet lol think that was biggest issue in my opinion

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