Season 2 and Atlantis



Having to wait a month for new provinces to unlock was fine because I had time to go back and redo levels at a higher difficulty. But having to wait a month just for ONE province is pretty ridiculous. I don’t know if we’re gonna get two more in the next two days, but if not, that really needs to change.

Atlantis summons are already only once a month. I feel like at the very least they could filter out regular heroes instead of just adding Atlantis heroes to a regular epic summon. I didn’t think they would give us regular heroes with so many 3 star Atlantis heroes already in the mix. It’s such a waste of coins to just get another Azar.

Update: I’ve summoned twice with Atlantis coins and all I got was Prisca and Bane. I really don’t think it’s worth the effort.


Well I am very happy to see I am not the only one that jumps to conclussions :smirk:


So u dont recive any 5* as well we are 40 guys who purches 200 Heroes in Atlantis and in total we got under 40x4* and 4x Hero of the month rest was 3*. That can not bedre right


If Atlantis coins are used for the summon , you will be limited to only the pool of Atlantis heroes , but when you buy the summon using gems then you have a mix of epic and atlantis ,
This I guess is fair enough to encourage progressive players , a few minutes ago, luckily I was able to pull Wilbur a 4 star season 2 hero with 100 Atlantis coins .


I did use Atlantis coins though, and ended up getting Prisca.


Nope …
I used Atlantis coins and got this

So it is mixed pull even if you will use Atlantis coins too same as if using gems.


Wow , you guys have a genuine point , it is not fair,
I was just lucky.


Only one provence? You must be kidding right?
Did not finish provence 4 yet but I expected it to be three. Like last month.


I’m on fifth, so at least 2 I :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed, but even tho the 100 coins or a 300 gems pull is only a small window of hope to get the Atlantis heros, not a real promiss to have em.
There are statics of pull chances and we already know that its quite low % !
We can hope only but nothing is for sure in E&P except of that farms gives you food :stuck_out_tongue:


When you finish province 4 there are 5 and even 6 ! Play ahead sister :wink:


So after finishing province 4, the next one just unlocked! Even if we do only get 3 provinces a month, it’s better than just two!


I finished province 4, and the next one just opened up. I can try to finish it today and see if it unlocks as soon as you finish the previous one, or if one new province unlocks per day for 3 days since the Atlantis summon is available for 3 days.


Ha thanks, I didn’t realize this until a little while ago


Yes 5 opens up as soon as 4 is finished :slight_smile: