Season 2 4* on Hero Academy lvl 8?

I think release new epic Atlantis costumes is good time to add Season 2 4-star Heroes to hero academy lvl 8.
Personally i’m p2p player and never got proteus and just one Wilbur which incoming costume is priority for f2p and c2p players on green titans.
Many c2p players end Atlantis 2 years ago and cant pull them for free coins.
When pirates,avalons and others events ends you add 4* to HA 8.
We really want it :))
PS. Rare Heroes looks good too :slight_smile:

What you think about it? :smiley:

I was actually planning on seeking out a thread that made this a request. Before they release the costumes for the 4* and 3* heroes in S2, see if they’d be open to have them as possible results when training in HA5 and HA8 to get the S2 heroes and the chance for any available costumes for those heroes.

The addition of the retired Challenge Event heroes has been great additions and made HA5/HA8 worth actually using. If the duration of Atlantis Rises going to continue to be shortened until it’s a “blink-and-you-miss-it” deal, I’d love to have be a thing. VERY especially if Goblin Balloon and the 2 offers are the only methods of getting new coins for pulls.


I vote yes, ESPECIALLY because they will make Inari’s costume available in HA10 immediately upon release… AND they have already made old Challenge Event 3* and 4* available in HA… why not the Atlantis heroes too…

(unless they are worried about the game economy)


Yes we need new heroes on level 8 from Academy.

Not only from S2, but also from S3 and S4.

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You gave away the answer, its gonna hurt the game economy of course :speak_no_evil::poop:

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But to get inari’s costume… It is a 1/400 chance. 1/20 for a non s1, 1/20 of a costume is available.

Just to add my voice. Having some heroes added to HA8 would be great. Re game economy… Like everything else. New heroes are added and people will spend their money to get them. And people spend their money chasing 5* and not 4* heroes. And there srill is a promise that this game can be played with no costs attached. Make it look like you mean it

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This thread came up in my search, wondering if there are any plans to add seasonal (S2,S3,S4) 4star heroes and costumes to HA 8…has there been any further discussion about this? Maybe someone could link me to another thread discussing the topic.

I support this idea, unfortunately I have never been able to draw Wilbur.

I’d take proteus… But at this point in his sure he is as sturdy as an event 3*.