Season 2/3 Stage Difficulty

Currently if you select either normal or hard difficulty on season 2 & 3 stages both season’s difficulty are set to that selection. Would it be possible to have the season 2/3 stage difficulty be independent?


This has been reported as a bug/issue and we’re yet to get a response back from the Devs as to whether it is “working as intended” or indeed a “bug/issue”


Currently, stage selection for Normal and Hard Mode in Seasons II and III is interconnected.

For example, let’s say you are running through Hard Mode in Season III (and would like to stay there for the time being), but if you decide to play a Season II stage on Normal Mode (for those of us, who farm SII stages on Normal), you will have to remember to select Normal because it will still be in Hard Mode from SIII.

But if you leave SII in Normal and go back to SIII to continue in Hard Mode, you will have to remember to re-select Hard Mode because it will be selected in Normal Mode from Season II.

If you’re like me, and you’re racing through Seasons II & III interchangeably on different modes, sometimes you can’t remember to check the stage difficulty before clicking that “Fight” button. It’s not a huge deal, but sometimes I’m dealing with stages in an undesired mode because of my quick fingers and short-term memory.

I have provided a video (no commentary, but you may hear my 1-year-old in the background behind soft music) that illustrates the continuity of stage mode selection between Seasons II and III. Ideally, it would be nice if stage mode selection of Seasons II and III were independent of each other.

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Hiya @Mothra,

Existing thread on the same topic:

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Dang it!! I was looking for a topic on this!! I can never figure out the right search terms sometimes.

Okay, @zephyr1, you can merge me. Or better yet! You could merge that one to mine since my version is more detailed and includes a video! :blush:


Merged. :slight_smile:

The older thread is usually the placeholder, since they came up with the idea first.

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Well, fine then!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oooh, noticed that too earlier when trying to switch between completing season 3 hard and then just autoplaying some S2 stages for Path of Valor. Glad I am mostly awake at the time so no WE were wasted.

Speaking of Interconnection. How about making Bonus Ascension Chests interconnected between different summoning events (Atlantis, Costume, Valhalla), so that the progress gets saved and passed along to the next event (that has the chests) in sequence?

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It looks like that bug or issue has now been fixed. Check this…

Much thanks to those in the SG staff, who helped to remedy that issue! Makes the playing experience more efficient!

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