Season 1 Dragonian Cave Stage 11

I am at my last Stage in Season 1- Dragonian Cave!!! Yeah, but not really😤! I have attempted it 14 times and I get so close to defeating the last enemy, however to no avail!
Are there any tips going against this stage or do I just need more Hero points/levels to push past it?
I have used 5 Dragon Flags, 5 Turtle Flags, 5 Bombs, and 3 Tornadoes - all of which was my closest try.
Here are my best hero’s at this time….

Any help would be great! I have a feeling you all might just say to level up and be persistent!
Have fun and BTW I am strictly a FTP member and I know that will limit any advancement on my part!

Level up Chao for mana control.
Scarlet-Sonya-Chao-Marcel and Faiez should do the job with mana potions.
The Dark Lord should not be able to fire his special, use mana pots on Chao to limit his mana.
Better options are Hansel, Peters , Tettiukh, Merlin or Gretel, but chao should do the job.

Good luck and happy gaming


Honesty ur hero roster is little bit weak…. Killing dark lord needs high tile damage… but non of ur Yellow hero is fully leveled!!
Best team combination would be
Wu Kong (boost tile damage insanely) | Chao (cuts mana of enemy) | Hu Tao (blinds enemy) | Fiaze (boost health, immunity and defence up) | Grimm (enemy def down)
Battle items- Mana pots, Antidotes, Revival Scrolls & Healing pots

As u r not interested in leveling heroes so next best combination could be
Wu Kong| Chao| Fiaze| Morex| Marcel
Battle items as mentioned above. U can replace Antidotes with Harpoons/Dragon attack.

Strategy- fire Fiaze first using Mana Pots which will boost health and give immunity and defence to allies; then fire Wu Kong using mana pots which will increase yellow tile damage drastically……

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Thanks for the advice!! I play just for fun and FTP is key… not that I am cheap, but more for the challenge to see how far a player can go on free play versus spending money for truly lost hope in the end! Based on posts that I have read, it seems like even the players that occasionally pay, also ended up getting burned…
I have been recovering from a surgery and “found” this game to keep me busy! Once back to work I am certain my “play time” will diminish significantly!
I try to build and build when I accumulate the resources…

I have been playing for about 4 months total and spent $0.00 things are going well I guess.
Thanks again for the feedback!

I think @Homaclese would be another good person to offer you advice here. They started a new F2P account not too far off from when you started. While your experience can’t be directly compared, as they have a lot of experience to fall back on (and everyone has a different experience anyway depending on summoning luck, time spent in game, playstyle, etc)…I think with beating that stage being extra fresh in their mind it could beneficial to hear what they have to say as well. I think you might find the Topic they created to chronicle this experience very interesting

There has been some great discussion between others there as well. I’ll also add @Saros here - they have a lot of experience starting and building up accounts around this stage, as is discussed in the linked Topic as well.
I figured since you have extra free time while recovering, that you might appreciate the time distraction to go through that Topic :nerd_face::nerd_face:

I hope that your recovery from surgery is going well!

To add, if you are ever looking for something similar to give yourself another districtaction when you’re out of energy in E&P, SGG has another similar game called Puzzle Combat. The same strategies you’re learning here, can be applied there on a basic level. There are some differences, of course the heroes and theme being part of that.

Thanks for the trust you put in me, but in the future, could you use the “He” pronoun when referring to me instead of “They”?

Anyway, on topic, I completed S1 on day 19 or 20 of creation of my F2P secondary main creation with a team which was far inferior to what @Lonster007 here has in his roster, so the problem is definitely not the heroes available. From what I see, the item selection is far from optimal - the Dark Lord has a staggering amount of HP which is why bomb-type items have very limited application - mostly for reducing enemy attack rating via bombs/axes, but even those aren’t that useful.

I suggest using Time Stops primarily, those will make the fight a lot easier. Secondary items could be minor mana pots, resurrection scrolls and either mana pots or Tornadoes as last item.

The strategy had been depicted a lot of times - kill the minions of the Dark lord then use the gaps to the left and right to charge your sniper-type heroes in order to kill the Dark Lord with their special abilities.

As for the team suggestion, I’d say pick the highest leveled, those incidentally have good abilities, such as Marcel - heavy hit and 3x Defense down, Scarlett - big attack decrease for 6 turns - and of course Sonya purely because she’s the only one maxed 4*. You could use Faiez as a great overhealing option instead of bringing various mana potions or even antidotes to the fight, but you could manage with Hawkmoon just as well. Last hero could be Morax, because Wu and Chao at these levels are a bit too fragile, despite the fact that a hero like Chao makes it impossible for the Dark Lord to ever charge again in the mid-late fight.

Don’t worry about the fact that you go with purples against purples, I had to do that myself as well at the time, it’s more about special abilities and item usage and the timing of those rather than hero colors (of course it would be optimal if you had a strong leveled 3x yellows).

I finished somewhere around day 20-25.

This is what I wrote of the encounter:

Agreed… I remember retrying the dark lord level many times the first time and finding it super difficult.

This time I found the last stage of Morlovia significantly harder than the Dark Lord. But I also prepared better and had better knowledge - I used axes and bombs to take out the 2 elites straight away. I then had 2 ghosting lanes to keep getting yellow tiles in order to charge up the others parcitularly Kailani and Aqueela who kept me alive through the boss specials. He charges slowly so it is mostly OK. That said, he has almost 20K HP so it was a protracted battle and I had to use super antidotes whenever I did get hit, and mana potions whenever Kailani wasn’t ready in time. But yeah with the proper team and proper preparation I was able to do it on the first attempt.

So yeah pretty much similar to your strategy except more focused on survivability and I think I came in with a few yellows

Thanks everyone for the tactics and strategies related to my post!!:+1: I will take it all into consideration and I feel I need to level up just a little bit more before my next attempt.
That being said… I will certainly post when I defeat the level!
The membership on this forum is much friendlier and will to share advice versus other games!
I know FTP members have no skin in the game and will always be at a disadvantage as to the PTP members, who have countless summons and resources to excel… the success each FTP member has should be praised as a sign of knowledge shared in order to somewhat beat the odds against us!
Play well everyone and thanks again for the help!

Well, even being f2p you can get really everywhere in this game. It only takes time (counted in years) to build strong enough roster of heroes.

I really don’t think the FTP (with OK luck) and the C2P or even middle of the road P2P experience is that different - it just takes longer and C2P or P2P will normally have more (and sometimes better) options to tackle the various challenges in the game.

You can still be fully competitive as F2P.

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Will do! I had put he, but then I was like hmm, I don’t remeber specific instance of saying ‘he’, so I didn’t want to assume. Then I changed Homaclese’s to they, because I didn’t want you to seem singled out. Most places I get callled a ‘he’ and would rather someone who didn’t know say ‘they’…but in my experience a lot of gaming situations just assume ‘he’ when I’m a ‘she’. (Well, not just gaming, most anonymous situations…)


To be on the safe side I refer to everyone as heshetheythemit