Season 1 costumes fix for free to play

Add this to the crappy thorne and richard costumes… lowers cold resistant by 45 percent on target and nerby enemies can not be cleansed. Yes i made them lesser freedas. Go make freeda and king Arthur fast mana speed. Tiburtus make him hit 3 lowers dark resistance by 35 percent uncleanseable . Ceadmon hit one lowers nature 45 uncleanseable lesseer evolyn. Elena give here 200 armore 100 more health she is a joke . All the free to play in the allince are not getting any of rhe costumes so give the above heros a 26 percent chance to drop

And I want Lady of the Lake and Alfrike, pretty please :slight_smile: I have a weak roster, so it won’t hurt anybody.

I use the not so crappy Richard all the time in raids both in and out of costume and as my tank which keeps me round 2600 cups. I am happy with him as is. Improvement would always be nice, but these suggestions are way more than required.

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Killted all the free to play in my allince do not have a king Arthur or a freeda to make thorne or richard desent. With heros like quneel ruby ludwig . With my suggestions thorne richard would still not be anywhere as nice as the new knights circus heros . We just had a level 56 player quit not feeling like he can make any headway. All there getting is 3 star costumes . There not even getting a nice riguard costume