Season 1 challenge event?

60 pulls - 60 season 1 heroes, including another quintus and magni and 2 hotms - wtf! Not even a 3 star gargotle???

Challenge events have the very worst pull rate for special heroes of anything. (Except for the two Challenge Festivals, which don’t contain S1 heroes.)


3 pulls with my tokens got me 2 x 3* S1 heroes
And a second 4* Green Kalo
I fed them all away

sorry to hear. summons odds are just very low…, so many other players feel your pain

Same except I only did a 10 pull of saved gems because I no longer spend money

How much in terms of your local currency did it cost you for this 60 pulls ?

My alliance leader said he did a hundred pulls, and he didn’t get a single 5* of any stripe. I have no idea how much he spent, but it definitely wouldn’t have been cheap.

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Well, not the very worst, the ToL is much worse. But the odds are not good.

i’m so sorry to hear that… nope

Odds mean nothing in this game
I saw people doing tons of pulls and getting crap
And some doing 1 or 2 pulls and getting 5* events etc heroes
When your account rotation falls on the high side of the RNG you get good loot,heroes
When your account is on the low RNG you get crap no matter how much you spend

That’s literally how ‘odds’ work

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Thats not the odds thats the RNG rotation
Odds are probabilities
When you do tons of pulls your probabilities get higher but in this game it means mostly nothing

I won’t argue semantics but you literally reiterated my point. Whatever works for you tho.

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They’re a “programmer”. Best listen to them. :joy:

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