Season 1 area 19/20 and onwards

Thanks I feel like I have a bit of direction now. I was beginning to feel lost in my own roster menu. I have good 3* options so it makes sense to use what I have and not look for what I think I want or need.

In addition to your pair of 3 star rainbow teams, I’d consider leveling at least 3 Banes and 3Balthasars (even 4) and a couple Namahage. Those are key strikers in rare and I have 3 Bane w another being leveled, plus 3 Balthasar’s and they make mincemeat of enemies quite nicely when stacked.

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Yeah I noticed the all-star namahage crews out there. I have become rather partial to gato and rudolph as well. Gatos special is really not appreciated in the way it actually should be

Gato - explain please? I can see a use w Muggy and the bunnykins

Gato is fast mana blue 3* Atlantis hero. His special allows him and heros to the left and right of him to be immune to status ailments for a few rounds. This has spared me from being blinded/confused/insert bad effect of choice here on many occasions. He packs a good punch. Basically a blue bane with sunglasses.

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