Season 1 area 19/20 and onwards

I am really getting hammered in the closing stages of season 1. Elementals are one thing but my big issue are the hive minds (that one shot me most of the time) and the ryhleks (tentacle dude’s that look like Davey Jones for pirates of Caribbean). My two accounts are 2500/2600 TP and both have hit a wall in progress. Both these accounts are ftp and I’d like to keep it that way. Is it worth doubling on purple or is it down to the items I take with me to help swing it?

You can do it ftp. You may need to level up some more. You can try som color stacking but you’re likely not there yet.

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I kind of figured my TP may be a little low. How much more do you think I’ll have to add to be able to stand a chance against these bosses?

Maybe you could share your hero roster and that will help everyone to give you some advice. Sometimes it’s not only about TP, hero synergies are important too. Like if you have Gunnar or Kailani, their spirit links are quite helpful for survival. Also, having multiple heroes in the same colour helps to colour stack against the bosses. :slight_smile:


Check before start of each stage out, what colors the mobs and the bosses have, take an extra look on the bosses special.
Usually at least one color missing, sometunes even four.
Build tailored teams for every stage stacking the strong colors and leaving out weak colors (2-2-1 or 3-1-1 or 3-2). Give respect to the bosses specials and encounter them with yours, e.g. dispell buffs vs. riposte, -atk or spirit link vs. hard hitting one target skills.
Try to get to the last boss wave with all your heroes ready to fire their special and as much tiles of your strong colors left on the board, diamonds are of course welcome.

If that does not help, you just have to wait until your heroes grow stronger, or build some more heroes for better color stacking and with the specials to encounter the bosses specials. 3* are useful, too. You also need them for titans, wars, epic events and tournaments limited to 3*


Battle items can make a big difference. You can check before you go in if you need antidotes. Arrows can be great and axes and banners can help a lot. (Turtle banner + axe at the same time increases your survival a LOT) Depending on your team, sometimes it is worth going for more damage (bear banners) The faster you kill them, the less time they have to kill you :slight_smile:


This is what I have after 80 days of play. Sorry I took so long to post but I got busy with farholme and raid tournament.

My roster is a little spread as I have really tried options in terms of just getting past at least one province this month. I’ve been stuck in 19/20 areas now for about 6 weeks to the point that I’m actually improving in raids and THAT is something I thought I’d never say…


That’s a good milestone you have.
I have already finish Season 1 in 4 month.

We do not force to keep explore next stage if we stuck at certain stage, then we farm lower stage and priority to get chance more recruits/specific loot/etc. Then after we have a drastically leveling progress, we continue explore next stage.

Priority from left to right (Assuming you leveling rainbow, so red to red, blue to blue, etc):

Red: Bodltusk to 3.60, Hawkmoon, Nasgar to 3.50, Azar, then continue Gormek if BT not yet ascend.
Blue: Ulmer, Valen, Gunnar, Agwe (if there are no other blue)
Green: Belith, Brienne, Caedmon to 3.60, Mnesseus, Berden, Gaderius
Yellow: Li Xiu to 3.60, Melia, 2nd Bane, Hu Tao to 3.60, 3rd Bane
Purple: Balthazar, Sabina to 3.60, Tyrum, Cyprian to 3.60, Obakan to 2.50, 2nd Balthazar

Notes: every explore map, you pick a good strong color heroes vs monster and boss color.

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Should i not finsh Gormeck first? I got a truck load of emblems and i know BT is rated by many on this forum but is he that good?

Gormek is an excelent Ramming Pulvanizer and very good defense, but at your current situation, you need spread leveling heroes. Gormek at 3.60 is enough good, you need others 3.60 *4 too, and also *3 maxed, to make his skill works (functionally) better.

Yes he is that good! Levelled up as a tank he gives attack boost to whole team! Can definitely be a game changer. I underrated him for awhile, but not now. Another underrated hero imho is Skittleskull…levelled up with emblems he helped me finish season 1 and season2 easy. I have been playing since Oct of 18…and he was definitely a keeper, or her…cant tell, too ugly! Lol good luck!

You have spread your feeders and ressources on far too many different heroes, then stopped and picked up the next.
Pick one of each color and finish them till the end (or at least tier 3 lvl 60 for 4 star epic heroes).
Caedmon, boldtusk, Sabina, Hu or Li (Agwe stinks)
I recommend also two teams of maxed 3 star, 2 of each color will make a good start. Valen, Belith, Brienne, Hawkmoon, Balthasar, Berden, Melia, Mnesseus, they are all fine if maxed.


While I admire that you’re pushing to finish Season 1, there really isn’t much need. Yes, there is a nice set of tokens at the end, but it’s nothing game-changing.

The goodies in this game come largely from:

  1. Rare quests
  2. Titans

Work on the heroes you’ll need for those two activities, and everything else will fall into place.


I was pushing to get season 1 done as i honestly think that Atlantis is “the place to be” in terms of stuff to do and collect etc not to mention the way better returns on backpacks and swords and recruits you get from season 2 in my opinion makes season 1 a little redundant. I only fish around in s1 if I get an elemental chest (like Xmas, once a year) or if I have 3 flags that I’d rather spend bullying the yeti’s in 8.7 for recruits. I have 4 accounts andin 1 of them I’m at Atlantis throne room. That account I’ve played a lot longer and is in a way more serious alliance and it convinced me that Atlantis WAY more interesting in every way. I got past s1 with that account with a 3000tp squad and really don’t feel I’d need to get there again to pass with this account. I’m really trying to keep this one ftp as much as possible for comparison. My troops are all 3* around of 6 to 8 with my blue and purple troops being 4* at level 4 I think. Would a barracks upgrade not help so I can add a few troop levels to counter my low hero levels? Just a thought

No, that won’t help you much. Your heroes are too weak, and troops won’t fix that.

Listen to what @Sh3r1ff said. What you need to focus on first is a solid team or two of 3*, then 4*s. It’s a lot better to focus on one hero of each color, and train them until they’re maxed, before moving on to another hero.

That will give you a few heroes strong enough to move through the levels, rather than a whole lot of heroes that can’t hold their own.

If you wanna speed your progress up a bit:

  • Go to level 8-7 and do it until your recruits storage is almost full (during Atlantis Rises, 6-9 is better)
  • Use training camp levels 1 and 2 to get feeder heroes
  • Use all the heroes you get through here to level your main 3*s

And yes, do the 3* first. I know it seems like it’s counterproductive, but they’re much faster to level than the 4*, and they let you have many options for color-stacking against enemies.

Color stacking is king in this game! So for e.g., if you’re fighting a bunch of blue monsters, then you bring more green heroes and leave red at home. If you bring 2 green heroes, their attack stats get added together and they do double damage with green tiles. With 3, they do triple damage! 4* won’t let you do that fast enough, because they take a long time to max compared to the 3*s.

My advice for good 3* to max before focusing on 4*s. that will give you a better chance:

  • Balthazar, then Tyrum
  • Melia
  • Gunnar
  • Berden, then Brienne
  • Hawkmoon, then Nashgar

Don’t get me wrong, you can still use the 4* heroes you’ve leveled so far in map levels. Just don’t train them further until you have more 3*s maxed.

Only once you are done minimum two 3* of each color, then level some 4*s!
I recommend finishing ones you’ve started already: Sabina, Li Xiu, Agwe, Caedmon, and Gormek.

I would only try the remaining levels once you’ve got all those heroes leveled. That’s gonna take a long time, yes… that’s just how the game is though. Remember there’s no rush to beat the campaign and you can still access Atlantis at this point in the game to farm the key stages (most are at the beginning provinces too).


That makes sense. Only issue I have with stacking is i have horrid board luck the instant I try use more than a double stack. The moment I field three I most of the time get owned by the mobs. I found using two blues in red elemental levels was better than tripling up.BUT I still feel two hive minds are way more difficult to take down than just about any boss I’ve encountered other than two rhyleks which is just as scary. I don’t believe in the 75 gem resuscitation as gems are worth more to me than finishing off a boss

Your team is not ready yet.

There is no huge benefit to finishing season one fast. I didn’t even worry about it once I got the major farming areas complete until I was bored one day and used newly polished 5stars to finish it off.

Build a strong bench of 2 rainbow 3 star teams (to benefit your alliance in war and to compete in rare tourneys and rare events that will help you acquire more ascension items for your 4* heroes. Then finish 2 teams of 4 star heroes. By then you’ll be ready to work on any 5stars you have and want to build.


Bad luck can indeed be a thing but that’s where items come into play for me. You don’t need high level ones either; HP potions, Mana potions, Turtle banners, antidotes, arrows and axes are enough.

That way if you get a bad board, you can mitigate that bad luck by keeping your team healthy.


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