Searching for alliance

Need a (hopefully) top 100 alliance to join. 4069 team power, used to killing 11-12 star titans. Active daily. Level 49,
Ingame tag is ‘sean’


Hello @Sean4x !

We are building up a strong alliance as part of the Blazing Dawn Family.

We are fighting 10* to 12* titans and our wars are an awesome experience.

Competitive and fun! You will love to join us!

Contact me in line
Line Id tigre_14

Hi Sean,

We have 28 members and we’re killing 10/11* 140+k sitting around 200.
We need loyal, active members
Check out The MVP
Also on Line: thebully007

We just joined a 6 team alliance. We are the little fish in the tank but there is a path to a 140k team. Line: ghostnamepbj if you are interested.

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Check out my crypt raiders.

10 and 11*s here, but we do have a few spots. Here is my recruitment thread:

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