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Yep that’s perfect. Enjoy your war, go smash it and we’ll see you after.

Haha! I have a toddler too, and a full time job!! Totally get it! Our alliance has always been full, but many have left with the pandemic because of job changes and family struggles. We were hitting 9* titans but down to 7* with the reduced numbers. We strategize wars and are still winning there. We use discord but it’s not required. I don’t have a fancy add /meme to catch your attention, but we are fun friendly, and our core is very strong. Most are experienced players. We help and encourage each other. RockeyRampage- check us out! Even if it’s just for a test run👍🏼

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Hey pal! I mentioned we had a team merge with us a few months ago and it worked well.

We hit 8-9 star titans and almost always use all war flags. We have players from different continents and we coordinate war hits but no tank color requirement

Give us a shot at De Raptors. Request only but someone will open the door for you.


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24 members

Cup requirement 1400 - activity is more important to us then cup count :wink::wink:

Hey rage against the rng are looking for new

members to come and rage with us - we have a super active friendly discord with a wealth of info and knowledge and fair bit of filth and adult humour!!

We have fun with raid challenges and generally have fun with the game!!

War is optional we do have an amazing war strategy for those that want to partake - currently running green tanks

All we ask is be nice hit the titan and use in flags if ticked into war

International alliance with people from all around the globe - English speaking

Come chat and hang out in discord :smile:

Misery Loves E&P would love to have you. our members are in the Range of 4100-4600 TP. We are currently at 22 members, hitting 10* titans and above.

Hi J,
You can check us out, Braveheart Palace.

Team power: from 4k1.
We hit 11* titan and use all war flags if opt in.

Line Id Sebastian Nguyen.

Have a nice day!

Its easier to tag @moderators, and all available mods will be tagged.


Check out The Marley Army…we would love to have you! Easy going Alliance that understands Real Life comes first. Kudos to you for taking care of family first, gaming for fun and stress relief second. Best of luck to you! Hope to see ya!, marge32179, leader


While you are searching, please check out 2gether we’ll win or sister alliance Together we’ll win. 2gether is more competitive and will be at the 8/9 star titan level. We’ve killed 10 stars when filled. Together is more laid back and at 6/7 star titans. Both teams will want you to use all war hits, which you already do. We don’t track how many times you hit the titan. Please check us out.

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Come on and board the pirate ship… we ask you to use all flags… no drama and have fun… We are the Crimson Scourge

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Red Hot & Blue has not fancy signs or banners. We are 15 serious adult players for the Uk, Australia, and most No Am. This alliance has been in existence for little over a month and we are 8W2L in war. Our top player score is 71 with the medium in the mid 40’s. Top playerS def teams 4300’s with the medium around 3800. We have 6 titian for snacks and a gun short of making 7’s a regular meal.

It is an open alliance so you can look for yourself. We attack in war using a semi-structured attack. We expect titian death and you to use all your war flags.

Good to know!! Learn something new every day. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to you joining after war @J-Knight

Close wars are our every day.

Us 3 flags them 9

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