Searching for a new home

Check out Deadly Souls if the above offers don’t work for you. We have a thread here with more info also.

Hi J-Knight. The Fifth Element could use you! We are a small alliance looking to grow. We are 13 members with 6 at 4k or higher. We play all our war flags and hit 6, 7, 8 Star Titans. Matchmaking is already in progress for the next war so maybe you should wait until it’s over before leaving your current alliance. We expect Titan hits and all war flags played if you opt in a war. You can sleep in, LOL. We are international so there’s always someone on. Our fearless leader is Lilu. We have married couples playing and players with little ones at home as well. Come check us out.

@J-Knight - I know you will get hit up by a lot of groups searching today, but you actually sound like a perfect fit for us. We are a small, but experienced, group with a friendly family atmosphere, that are trying to start something. We have a channel on discord dedicated to talking about hero setup, and a couple of former top 100 alliance players that always like offering advice. I also am all too familiar with having toddlers at home. Check us out.

TBD: Part Deux - Active group looking for like-minded people


Hey @J-Knight you are welcome to check out my alliance. Elite Empires. Green tanks for war 8-9* titans. Very tough decision you have. Ive been there and ended up staying and watching my alliance grow.

I see you’ve made the big decision to see what’s out there. Hopefully you’ll find the right alliance for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, would be amiss if I didn’t throw the proverbial hat into the ring to be considered. :laughing:
2020-09-11 Alliance banner
Currently 10* titans - will help with those ascension material hopefully, but RNG…
War optional (all flags if in); some time sensitivity

Good luck wherever you choose to go.

Hey @J-Knight! :wink:
Please consider checking our alliance out…you seem to be a perfect fit for our group. We are an international , friendly alliance that would love to have you joining us. Wars and titans are all teamwork… currently fighting 10* with occasional 11*.
You can find more info about us here:

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:

Hello J-Knight,

Rising Dawn is looking for a player as you are. We are drama free group of players. Currently killing 12* titan. Our alliance is more that 1000 days old so have a solid experience in the team.

More details:

Rising Dawn is an international alliance of friendly, supportive members, fighting 12 star titans. We are looking for an active player with 2200 cups and a team power of 4000+ on defense.

We have “serious fun”! Titans are mandatory and we have a strategy to monitor them so your effort and battle items aren’t wasted!

We expect all war flags to be used (or opt out) and we have a coordinated defense team strategy. We are international so we don’t have set battle times. We fight organically with a looser strategy but we are more often successful and always have fun!

We are well monitored for player activity. We know that each member contributes to the success of the whole alliance and that it takes team work to achieve our individual goals. We play to win!

Communication is important! We use discord for tips and info sharing and, while it’s not mandatory, we recommend it. You can contact me on discord Kilec#0716 and/or visit the our Welcome Room on discord server and we can chat there

We are friendly, mature and respectful. In short, a nice bunch to hang out with and enjoy your game!

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Poseidon’s Warriors sounds like a great fit. We have several members with small kids. All we really want is that you hit the titan and if you can’t use your flags in war that you opt out. While not very chatty everyone is friendly and responds to questions. We have a mixture of FTP and CTP

Hi @J-Knight, as I mentioned in your other thread. You are about the same power as most of us in Destiny Hunters. We are mid level smack around 10 stars and have taken out 12s when full we generally face opponents in war ranging 4 to 4.6k run a strategy but not demented with it. Stop by try us for a war and if we aren’t right for you good luck finding the forever home you’re looking for

Just replied to the other thread. Dark Souls is an open alliance. Pop on in if you’d like.

Some other good choices above me, too. Best of luck!




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I am on game now. This is us. Just find us and request join and I’ll let you in

Let me know if need to bring down cup level





Nah it’s good I’ve mentioned you on our line group. You’re more than welcome with what you describe. Do you need to finish this war out with your old alliance? We wouldn’t want to cause lost flags.

We are a chatty bunch though and after you join you’ll see all the screenshots and questions we normally share on line about our rosters team make up etc

We have some players who go in and do lots of one shots. Some who sit back and do clean up duty and some like me that are a bit of both. All tailored to team strength left and available opponents.

I’m heading to sleep now though, but people will be on if join during the night or you can chat further tomorrow.

Yeah let me be finish this war

Some great choices listed above… Looks like you’ve found a place to go. Feel free to tag @JonahTheBard @Rook @Guvnor once you’ve made your move, and they will gladly close this thread for you.

Yep that’s perfect. Enjoy your war, go smash it and we’ll see you after.

Haha! I have a toddler too, and a full time job!! Totally get it! Our alliance has always been full, but many have left with the pandemic because of job changes and family struggles. We were hitting 9* titans but down to 7* with the reduced numbers. We strategize wars and are still winning there. We use discord but it’s not required. I don’t have a fancy add /meme to catch your attention, but we are fun friendly, and our core is very strong. Most are experienced players. We help and encourage each other. RockeyRampage- check us out! Even if it’s just for a test run👍🏼

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Hey pal! I mentioned we had a team merge with us a few months ago and it worked well.

We hit 8-9 star titans and almost always use all war flags. We have players from different continents and we coordinate war hits but no tank color requirement

Give us a shot at De Raptors. Request only but someone will open the door for you.


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24 members

Cup requirement 1400 - activity is more important to us then cup count :wink::wink:

Hey rage against the rng are looking for new

members to come and rage with us - we have a super active friendly discord with a wealth of info and knowledge and fair bit of filth and adult humour!!

We have fun with raid challenges and generally have fun with the game!!

War is optional we do have an amazing war strategy for those that want to partake - currently running green tanks

All we ask is be nice hit the titan and use in flags if ticked into war

International alliance with people from all around the globe - English speaking

Come chat and hang out in discord :smile:

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