Searching for a new home?

Forget the realtors and move to the Locker. No finder’s fees, no security deposit required!

We have room for two, bring your friend, or your pet, or your friend’s pet.

Come and enjoy the Locker life, you will never need a new home again!

Cups and level are negotiable for the right candidates. And yes, strategies is spelled wrong. My graphic designer has gone on strike :frowning_face:

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Clever ad! :heart: War strategies… Typo - GL

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What level titans are you fighting? What AW flag win loss ratio do you accept? Mine for example is about 0.5-.75 to 1 in contested allocated battles; unallocated it is more like 1:1 but I’m not a fan of free for alls and also do better against superior opponents when i’m not confident (I’m not a fan of automatic early attacks). Tell us something about your alliance? Communications? Line or Discord? (EDIT: you answered that) Do you have a war master? Can you bear a member who takes two days off per week (virtually no Titan hits)? War, if opted in, will fight regardless.
EDIT: I don’t qualify. I hate raiding and so am in upper gold where attacks/vs attack defeats keeps my cups stable. Highest cups 1782, average 1580. It takes two weeks to fill a raid chest with revenges and I’m actively cup dropping albeit not to a major extent; just 200 points off my best attack force.

Thanks for the response sft. Unfortunately, we do require daily titan hits. But we do not have a minimum number of hits so, if you could get in once a day and use three flags then it wouldn’t be an issue.
We are currently killing 10/11*. When full we can do 11/12* but we do like the 10/11s because the loot is the same as a 12 but less items to get the kills.
We do not track the individual performances during wars, we focus on the team effort. And we are close to a 75% win ratio. We do have a war general but he does not micromanage the battlefield. Our strategy is attack waves but the individuals pick which wave to participate in and which of the designated targets to hit.
Can you give me some details about yourself, what level are you? What is your average war team strengths?

We have room for two if anyone is interested.

Only got room for 1 more, join quickly before the opportunity is gone!

Udate, we are back up to 2 rooms available. Bring your friend or your pet or your pet’s friend.

Still looking for 2 new roommates. Don’t be shy, we only look mean.

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