Searching for a new guild

Hi, below is a printscreen of my profile, and I’m looking for a new alliance since the one I’m in doesn’t seem to want to grow, and the members don’t care to fight titans and such.

If you think my stats are good enough please reply or send a message.

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My door is open for you at warriors of war if you’re interested. We all get along great and we’re on 7 star titans. Come on over:)

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You are very welcome to join
the Ruthless Warriors, leader murph. We are active, mature and friendly. We coordinate our war battles and need more help to defeat 6 star titans.

You sound like a good fit for our alliance, The Lone Strangers. We are a titan killing alliance currently hunting 7 and 8*. All daily active players. Check us out!

I have a few openings. Please swing by & check us out!

Check out guardians of terra
We are recruiting

I appreciate your offer, but I’ve had my own Alliance for about a year. I enjoy being the Leader lol

My reply wasn’t directed at you @WhoooIsShona - it was intended to throw our hat in the ring for @Mammitri !

I’ve put a couple members out recently, maybe they would be interested in recruitment.

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We might not want them if you booted them!

But sure - we will take in refugees if they contribute …

That’s why they were kicked. They didn’t fight Titans or in Wars, reply to any direct questions in chat. Anyways, good luck in finding the right members. Good luck throwing tiles y’all!

You are welcome to join “Excaliburs Realm”. We are an active Alliance, and have a mixture of skills. We go from level 37 down to level 13 . We are all very helpful, and try to help as much as we can. We win most wars and defeat most Titans. Most of our Titans right now are 7*.

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