Searching for a comitted alliance

Good morning.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to make this, but let’s go.

As some of you know, I’m Silencio and I will leave the alliance in which I am, as I’m sick and tired of losing both wars and titans because some players don’t use their shots again and again.

I have six teams over 4000 and my level troops are 23.

I would like to join to an alliance which currently faces 10-11-12* titans (I was once in a demanding alliance which used to face 13/14* titans and it’s too much for me right now) and use all their flags and shots, as I always use mine.

I’m a native Spanish speaker, but I can write in English as well.

PS: I don’t have Line or discord right now, so I could chat only via WhatsApp.




Come on over and try us out, chilled relaxed alliance hitting 10/11* titans.
We always use all our flags in war and on the titans

Dragons Cohort TMA

Please take a look or pay us a visit

Good luck in whoever you choose


I think “Planet Waft” are still recruiting and may be a good fit for you. Good fun alliance. 10-13* titans. Quite strict about using flags. They understand life gets in the way sometimes so if there’s a good excuse they hear you out. If it happens twice you may be kicked. International alliance. 18+ recommended. I think the language says Dutch but they all speak English as well as a variety of other languages.
They might be open now as war has recently finished. If invite only then tell them a joke or just say Blem sent you :grin:

Game Well :sunglasses:

Ditto what @Marie1 said re Dragon Cohort TMA - not sure what the TMA stands for… I should ask :thinking:.

Currently 10* titans, and players hold finishing the titan until everyone has hit. My friends and I recently joined, and the titan slackers from the previous alliance did my head in. 100% participation with titans and using all war flags.

New titan yet to spawn, so come on over before it does. The group are very welcoming - bonus!

Another great option would be TBD Part Deux - lots of familiar forum names there and they’re all just good people. They also tick all the boxes mentioned in your OP. @Macaque1902 @Luna



TBD is a great alliance! No flags left unused, all Titan flags used; great players and a very friendly and supportive group! You would be very welcome there. (I’m currently on holidays but will be back in a few weeks time). I couldn’t recommend them more :green_heart:

Some very experienced players (and wonderful people)


Hope you find a nice home :green_heart::turtle:


I’m just going to add to the Dragon Cohort TMA recommendations. I recently joined, also getting tired of people missing titan and war hits. They are still a pretty chilled bunch, with no spreadsheets or Line requirements etc, etc, but everyone does their bit.

You should try us out :grin:

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we have 2 open spots. Legends of Space.

Thanks for tagging @Luna and @Sarah2

We’d love to have you over, @Silencio . Luna and Sarah have covered most things but it sounds like we’re right up your alley. Mix of US, European, Oz and NZ. 12* titans, no flags left. We can get into the top 1k of events when full but there’s no pressure to do so

Here’s our thread - come say hi!


Crew-Barons - 7 spots free - 11-12* titans are currently fighting 12*. We’d love to have you come over.

Hola Silencio,
Come and join us at HamNation. We currently have 2 spaces available after letting go of two people who were not hitting titans or using flags. We are a fun knowledgeable alliance who are currently hitting 11/12 titans with the occasional 10 or 13*. All we ask is you hit titans regularly, at least 3 hits per titan, preferably more, and use all flags if you opt in to war.

Come and give us a try. We do use Discord but there is no need if you don’t want to, and we mainly chat in game.


You would be a perfect fit with us at Animated Assassins. No line chat, 10-12* titans. All war flags used, etc. We type in English, but have members from all over the globe that speak other languages.
Give us a try. Cheers!

Join Blood Brigade, we cap titans at 12* unless rare , top 1000 everything , we have 3 spots join alliance open

Apex predators have a spot … For now …

We are on 14* titan though … We do have a 100k titan limit per folk as everyone kinda has to pull some weight … Do give some slack if folk are improving other aspects of the game … Level buildings, no ham etc… But is a laid back alliance but still competitive RL comes first … Fun fun fun … :+1:

Same Tank for war … All flags used… Etc…

Lettuce knoe if yah interested


Hi silencio, the Ascendant Family has multiple alliances with sports open, my line id is maniac58330 if interested.

Thanks everyone for all the offers.

Unfortunately, I had a health issue and I will be inactive for a while. Sorry. :pray:t4:

Take care everybody.:hugs::wink:

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Best wishes…take care of yourself


I hope you get better soon :pray:

Sending you best wishes! Take care @Silencio


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Take care :green_heart: hope yah get it sorted :+1:

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Not quite sure how I ended up here but okie dokie I’ll play along…may all your tokens be 5*
Good morning, good afternoon and good night!