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Hi all!

It seems strange to me that if I am searching some topic here on the forum and I enter the EXACT name of it, it is not first, it is actually very often not in the top search results at all. Sometimes it takes me like 10 minutes to find my own topics. It is very annoying. The search logic is definitely not correct.
Please take a look at it SG…

TOP hits for “Offers screenshots”

At number 41:

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Works well if using the advanced search settings.
Just check the boxes and hit submit.

If you are revisiting this thread often, perhaps bookmarking for future reference.


Thank you Paul.
It works OK.

Still, it should be a top hit even when advanced searching is not on.

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Also can use posted by aswell


This is 3rd party software. So SGG cannot fix it.


You can combine them

@Gryphonknight in:bookmarks in:title Grimm


But this is a feature used only by experienced forum users. And the majority of people using the search function are new or casual visitors.

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Some other tricks you can use to optimise your searching:

  1. Quotation Marks

Example: “xyz”

Doing so will force the search function to display only results which include that exact wording.

  1. Using the “@” symbol

Example: @Guvnor

Doing so will restrict search results to only posts/ comments by Guvnor

  1. Using the “#”

Example: #community-content

Doing so will restrict search results to only posts/ comments in the Community Content section of the forum. Can also be used on tags too.

Example: #beta-beat; #riddles-wonderland; #hero_cards; #hero-balance etc…

  1. Using the “in:” function


These will restrict search results further.
Created = only posts you created
posted = only threads you have commented in
tracking = threads you’ve set the alert nottification to “tracking” (or automatically changes when you first comment)
watching = threads you’ve set the alert notification to “watching”
bookmarks = threads you’ve bookmarked previously
first = only the first post of a topic.

Anyways, as @Gryphonknight said. The software isn’t SGG owned so cannot be updated or looked into by SGG. You can create a support ticket with Discorse themselves so they can investigate there but SGG have no real power/ effect over the forum background software


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