Search for an alliance for two players from Russia

Hello everyone!
Two players from Russia (Moscow) are looking for a new home for an active game. Participation in Titans and alliance wars, as well as in all events of the game. Each player has a huge stock of heroes for comfortable participation in the alliance war. Mana squads from level 23 and above of all colors. Player levels 87 and 91. Players are not talkative, but always reading the pinned message and playing according to the rules of the alliance. They speak English. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use the Line messenger, since its use is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. Since the beginning of the year, players have not been donating to the game due to the withdrawal of payment systems from the country due to understandable events in the world. Also, players cannot participate in gift promotions on the mythical Titan and other promotions of the game. In Russia, the shares of the game are simply blocked, the store in the game does not work and advertising does not work. If it matters, then the players are not members of the Russian army and condemn any aggression. Only diplomacy and negotiations. War is pain. Players are tolerant of any views, sexual orientation, nationalities, nations and races. I am writing this because Russia has too harsh an attitude towards the above-mentioned people. Players do not discuss anything related to aggression in the game chats. In addition, they went to rallies against the war and were arrested for 15 days each. If anyone is interested, please give feedback. Thank you all!


Come in and check out Na Fianna Nua, you are welcome to join anytime


@Nikita1 … Come and check out Active Army
You would be most welcome
I wish you both well in your search for a good alliance
Take care and best of luck


You are welcome at Dragon Cohort TMA


Hi @Nikita1

Check out TBD: part deux
@Macaque1902 (leader) and @Bruton (co-leader)

Great alliance of international players. English speaking. Coordinated tank wars, but FFA with cleaners. I think they just dropped down to 11* titans, but were on the cusp of handling 12*. Lots of caring and knowledgeable players, of all levels.

Dedicated, amazing discord server, if you can use discord. Lots and lots of resources about events, farming, tips and tricks, etc. Line not required, but discord is a handy way of leaving messages for folks (reminders to hit titan, requests for war cleans, etc.).

TBD was my first “home” alliance, and I still hang out on the discord server.


You would be very welcome at De Raptors. We’ve got two spots left. 10-11 star titans. Hit the titan, use your flags, check the chat and we’re cool. Laid back and fun.

Ps I’m so sorry for you guys that you even have to say any of this. So many victims of this war.


You can come check out HamNation. We have room for both. Currently dropped from 12* to 11* titans (few people stepped away for personal time off) but war is optional (all flags if in) and no one is expected to buy any offers (gifts or for themselves). We do have an optional discord (you said line didn’t work but idk about discord)

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I second Shipyard’s offer to join us. We discuss the game, love to help members and would be happy if you gave us a try. Our members are from all over the globe. Try De Raptors. Cheers!


We’ve got room in Verdant Vipers and we’d be glad to welcome you.

Oh, so Line isn’t preferable to u guys, sorry about that. Okay, just let me know if u guys are still looking. Crew-Barons have open spots that can take u in.