Search Button? (with insert Twilight Zone music)

Maybe early onset is coming for me :pensive:

So…I just did a one word search:

And got 8 results

The top result gave me a good chuckle:

who cares?

All 8 results are from a toxic thread that I wade through with appropriate PPE

  1. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Am I being punished?
  3. Should I see a doctor?
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I believe you were searching only in the #ideas-feature-requests category.

Make sure you are searching in all categories:

Perhaps you had added other filters as well.

Yeah I don’t know what I did. I can’t even recreate it. I’m getting 50+ now
Whether I mess with 'All Categories’ or not.

Think I call the doctor :laughing:

I “almost” managed to recreate it:

Did you take the screenshot before you created your last post in that thread? The 9th result is from your post.

What I did was to click on “search this topic” when I opened the “Please Nerf Telluria” thread.

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That makes sense. I can’t tell if that little ‘search this topic’ box is checked on my iPhone. Looks like my thumb may have opened rabbit holes for my brain

Solved: thanks @D_DI

You broke it! Good thing about pics eh? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, when my top search results was “who cares
I really thought I was in trouble.
And then I was like, c’mon…Ares isn’t that bad

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