Seadragon not adding extra Atlantis tokens

Just played level S2-20-8 Hard for the first time.
Yes I know I am slow :wink:

I was rewarded only 5 atlantis tokens for beating the level the first time. I have encountered 1 seadragon during the fight so I was expecting a bonusdraw for minimal 2 extra tokens.
The bonusdraw did not appear (also not visible in recent history).

Am I the only one that is noticing this or are more people experiencing the same?

I’ve encountered 1 so far but was rewarded.
Was it a yellow sea dragon? not trying to be condescending but there are blue ones too and they don’t reward you with coins

Well maybe that was the case and I justed wanted it to be the correct want badly and my mind played tricks on me.

But if others are getting the reward than there will be no bug I guess.

If the level you did was indeed S2-20-8 Hard then you did indeed see a yellow seadragon. The normal blue seahorses don’t appear on that level. The mobs for that level can be seen in the preview screen as Undead Captain and Toxic Spider Crab.

As such I think the proposed solution here is incorrect. I don’t have an answer myself, nor haven’t seen an example of the bug myself (but then again I’ve only used loot tickets so far today) but thought it needed pointing out current solution is wrong and needs re-looking at.

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I am 100% sure this was the level I have played as this was the last one needed to be done in this provence.
I am not doing them in order and seek out the easy onces for my roster first, now slowly working on harder levels.

Normal yellow seadragon doesn’t give coins. Only special orichalcum seadragon

Neither of those two mobs for the stated level even remotely look like a seadragon. If they saw a seadragon on that stage and don’t get Atlantis tokens for it is a bug. Either it is the Orichalcum one and it isn’t dropping coins or the wrong mob is appearing in the level.

@HarryDeB, I took a screenshot of an orichalcum seadragon for you. Hope this clears up any confusion. :grin:

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