Sead: Tsssssssdf

It depends on the type of flag, and why it’s been flagged.

For Off Topic Posts, it doesn’t really affect anything at all, other than that post itself.

For Inappropriate Posts, it can lead to temporary or permanent restrictions for the ability to post on the Forum, and can also remove or block Regular status.

For Spam Posts it can lead to the inability to create new threads or a permanent ban, depending on the nature of the Spam, and can also remove or block Regular status as well.

In all cases, the maximum repercussion before a moderator or Staff reviews and approves the flag is a post being hidden. That happens automatically if the Forum software deems the flag(s) sufficiently trustworthy, which it judges based on the quantity of flags on the post, and the historical trustworthiness of the person or people who submitted the flag(s), based on whether their past flags were deemed accurate.


Thank you. Just trying to figure out how to make The Ridiculous Flagged Post Thread work…

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Kinda feelin like ethan hawke for slippin through all those cracks

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Is there a punishment for being generally obnoxious?

… and if so, why am I still allowed to post?


That’s why I tagged @Saphirra here! So he can get everyone else to the Count to 15 post.

Still, I know for a fact that @zephyr1 keeps multiple tabs opened and can be everywhere.

Very omnipresent, omniscient… wait!

Is @zephyr1 God?

  • Fabula, you’re slow!
  • Not exactly it’s a co-lead with @Garanwyn
  • No, @Rook is God
  • It’s @Kerridoc, actually
  • You pathetic humans! You can’t even manage to count to 15!

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One less divorce layers to pay!

And the relief not to be in anyway legally involved with you!

That’s a reason to celebrate!

Tequila for everyone!

Eh, you can’t really:

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If it’s top shelf I’m in. Everyone knows I’m not a cheap date

You dont know how hard it is not to flag that post

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I don’t always drink tequila, but when I do, I have a good time.

Until the next day at least.


What happens if I flag myself? It’s not falsely flagging if I’m asking for it.

Who’s everyone?

And why on Earth do you think I want you in my tequila party to celebrate the fact that I’m not legally bonded to you?

Ooooh, I got a badge for flagging myself. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Everyone is someone

And because i am the party

Your reputation score for either posts or flags is damaged, depending on whether the flag is approved or not.

I flagged my post as off topic. Your call whether or not that’s appropriate.

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I wont say I have or haven’t done that

But i will say you’re not the first. That much i can confirm…

I agree. I had a feeling of pride with my first flag. Lol

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Is that a real thing? What’s the Badge? :laughing:

First flag. I’ve never flagged anyone before.