Sead: Tsssssssdf

Thank you. Just trying to figure out how to make The Ridiculous Flagged Post Thread work…

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Kinda feelin like ethan hawke for slippin through all those cracks

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Is there a punishment for being generally obnoxious?

… and if so, why am I still allowed to post?


That’s why I tagged @Saphirra here! So he can get everyone else to the Count to 15 post.

Still, I know for a fact that @zephyr1 keeps multiple tabs opened and can be everywhere.

Very omnipresent, omniscient… wait!

Is @zephyr1 God?

  • Fabula, you’re slow!
  • Not exactly it’s a co-lead with @Garanwyn
  • No, @Rook is God
  • It’s @Kerridoc, actually
  • You pathetic humans! You can’t even manage to count to 15!

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One less divorce layers to pay!

And the relief not to be in anyway legally involved with you!

That’s a reason to celebrate!

Tequila for everyone!

Eh, you can’t really:

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If it’s top shelf I’m in. Everyone knows I’m not a cheap date

You dont know how hard it is not to flag that post

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I don’t always drink tequila, but when I do, I have a good time.

Until the next day at least.


What happens if I flag myself? It’s not falsely flagging if I’m asking for it.

Who’s everyone?

And why on Earth do you think I want you in my tequila party to celebrate the fact that I’m not legally bonded to you?

Ooooh, I got a badge for flagging myself. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Everyone is someone

And because i am the party

Your reputation score for either posts or flags is damaged, depending on whether the flag is approved or not.

I flagged my post as off topic. Your call whether or not that’s appropriate.

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I wont say I have or haven’t done that

But i will say you’re not the first. That much i can confirm…

I agree. I had a feeling of pride with my first flag. Lol

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Is that a real thing? What’s the Badge? :laughing:

First flag. I’ve never flagged anyone before.


Seemed pretty on topic for this off topic thread. :rofl:

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