Sdtickets(maybe)+ atlantis ff sdf 3434

When you have an elemental chest ussualy it drops items from the same color

dn_Doe, podd4/uploads/smallgiantgames/optimds

Also my alliance leader had an ice chest and had red color drops

  • rings
  • we flask
  • trainer red

This ice chest:

dark color:

  • damascus - it is used for dark ascension
  • trainer dark
  • titan flask - dark

I don’t track external chest color with internal color contents. shrug. :slight_smile:

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I predicted to my alliance leader that she will have 2 asc mats and a trainer :slight_smile:
didn’t do well with the eht though

ice chests same time? lolz…


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

It’s random. I kept tracks of my last 8 of them. The ones with only one AM were

Nature -> Telescope
Holy -> Hidden Blade
Nature -> Darts

and so on. random.

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To me it’s effectively the same thing. :slight_smile:

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You didnt understand me:

1 asc item, trainer and flask are for the same color >>> not the color of the chest.

did you have something like rings traps trainer holy/flask blue ???

17.09 Nature Chest: AM + Raid Flask (blue), 1* Trainer (purple)

plus, just checked last chest a team-mate of mine shared on our Telegram group

Fire chest: Warm cape (blue), Titan flask (violet), 1* trainer (yellow)

not seeing your point. I only see randomness


what was the AM? the only asc mat?

warm cape was the only asc mat?

trying to get a pattern

P.S. I dont care about the color of the chest

You just can’t please some ppl :joy:, I had a holy chest and was very happy with the loot


blade - red
shield - green
flask - dark
trainer - holy

yup. its totally random

at least we know you get for sure it drops

2 rare asc items and trainer and flask

ty all :smiley:


congratz on the 2 EHTs. nice! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately they produced gunnar and hawkmoon, but you can’t always be lucky!

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sadly, a lot of chests with only 2 farmable materials exist out there, my last one, for example :disappointed_relieved: :grin:

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Have found one for September :

And yep, I think it’s random…

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Its usually droping coal and iron ore to me.
I wont complain if they droped me gloves and any thing any time later :laughing:

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i keep mine for seasonal summon


Good point, @_John_Doe. The winter event is not far distant, and all four of the seasonal heroes are very good to great. And Evelyn drops next month, who may be the best HotM of the year.


ELEMENTAL chest = 4 ascension + matterials farmable or not + trainer + flask + 3xHero/Troop Tokens + tickets(maybe)+ atlantis coins

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