SDK (19/30) Seeks Merger

Sapphire Daze & Knights is looking for an Alliance(s) to merge with. Currently at 19 adult dedicated members, all of which have P2Ped at different levels. Current stats:

Average Level: 49
Average Defense: 4246
Average Trophies: 2436

We track detailed individual and alliance performance, currently beating 10* and 11* Titans even with only 19 members. We were in the top 500 before several members stood down due to competing commitments (not to mention frustration with SG’s RNG).

Won’t break up the group; don’t ask.

Renaming and leadership are up for discussion, but we only dictate tank color and full war flag usage. We do synchronized attacks during the beginning of war, but don’t dictate targets and the last 8 hours of war are open. Anyone online during the attack window can attack any target they want.

Detailed Statistics Tracked on Google Sheets.

Individual Laydown:

Individual Rankings:

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Is line required?..

Desired not required.

@SDK come check out Wolves of Winterfell. We are a family of 4 alliances and are looking to establish a 5th competitive sister alliance (due to strong growth) with the aim to secure a spot in the top 100.

We are also associated with the King of the North family - so another 3 alliance. One benefit of joining our family is that you would be able to share knowledge and resources across the board.

We have gone through 3 very successful mergers of our current sister alliances and we would work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

Come chat to us, we would love to hear from you. LINE ID: ronandex501, mention Kira recommended you.

Merger ongoing. Thanks for your interest.


@SDK just clarifying, are you still looking or you’ve found another alliance to merge with?

We’ve found another Alliance to merge with.

@SDK cool thanks for clarifying, wish you all the best.

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