Scythe of Death and Wrath of Death are looking for you!

Hi there,

So, you’re looking for an alliance and feel you have a strong team of heroes, but you just can’t get beyond average scores in events and against titans?!
Or did you just start playing this game?

We are willing to share tips to grow and improve your skills even more.

Scythe of Death exists over one year and is still slamming titans out of the battle field.

We have a stable core of dedicated members who have been with us for a long time, but also lost some members on our way growing to where we currently are.

We are beating 7* and 8* titans on a daily basis!

We do occasionally chat, but appreciate silent forces just as much. We share tips and strategies, or whatever else comes up. We don’t use or require Line, Discord or any other chat channels.

We are searching for new members who are eager to attack titans, participate in wars, and grow stronger alone and as a team, but without too much hassle.

Requirements: we dropped requirements. Anyone is welcome!
Missing out on a fight is just fine, as real life happens and obviously is more important. We do appreciate it though if you leave a message whenever you’re not able to join for a few days.

If this sounds about right for you - a challenge, but without any stress - join us and stick around for a while, just to see if this is the alliance you feel comfortable with.

Hope to see you soon!

Scythe of Death

Edit: we dropped requirements. Anyone is welcome!

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Hey you, yes you!

Since we our almost full, we’ve started a brother alliance too!

Wrath of Death

This is our new alliance for new players, or more experienced players not having that much time, but willing to teach new members to grow.
We have some experienced players in this group as well, so you won’t be alone on your search for victory! We will help you start understanding this game, encourage you to get stronger at your own pace, and offer you an opportunity to join our stronger alliance Scythe of Death once you are ready for the real job.
No requirements, we want you to enjoy the game, explore new capabilities, tell your friends about how great this game is.

Are you unsure about how to play this game, or what heroes to keep or level, just check us out and feel free to join.
We don’t require any external chat apps like Discord or Line, nor do you need to chat at all when you prefer to be quiet and just want to play this game.
We hope to see you soon!

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