📜 Scrolls of Aggregation - Thoughts & Discussion [#5 Out Now!]

Exactly. I won’t be LBing my Pengi any time soon!

This thread shows up some of the mess-ups of SG which aren’t fixed up until this very day.

Remember when Pengi first appeared in top places of Towers and Blue Mythic Titan? People were like “well, it’s normal, this Mythic titan doesn’t allow for Defense Down, etc, that won’t happen with other titans” and now what do we see? Every single Mythic titan - top scorers have 2 Pengi. In additon, that hero caused the nerf of the Christmas family minions alone because he was the only one hugely capitalizing on the summons. But of course they didn’t touch the real problem - Pengi - they nerfed everything else around him - and Pengi is still a huge problem in regard - you have him, you rank top in Mythic Titans and Towers.

Second, this event reveals the lack of base heroes which could help anyone with their top scores. I mean, what problem it would be, @Petri , to introduce a 3* Elemental Defense Down hero in every colour - not only blue - of value -54% (seeing how nowadays paywalled 5* EDD transition to -64%) and regular 3* heroes again of every colour which apply Defense Down of at least 44%. Yes I know we already have a purple, red and green one, but we could definitely use a yellow one! This will help many more people enjoy the Mythic titan events, because first thing which you need for a real competition is to give players access to some base tools - and vs Titans that means elemental defense down, defense down, increase damage (okay we now have Buster at least but could use more in other colours), increase attack and increase normal attack in every colour amongst the 3* heroes! That would spike interest towards the event and players will start pulling for the more powerful 4* and 5* counterparts to score even better! But paywalling the base tools for any competition is a sure way for the players to soon lose interest in it. Look at your Mythic titan participants! That number had dropped by 25-30 % since the event was introduced. I believe those numbers tell the story better than anyone else. Other than that, your “scrolls of aggregation” scream loudly “give us a ton of cash to pull for the paywalled heroes or no top place for you!” which is stupid to say the least. And no, players won’t do it in the vast majority.


On a dark muthic titan, almost every top hero used was blue? And 1 blue hero was far far and away the most important? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Counter colors should be the most effective.


People still hit Mythic Titans? Who knew?

This seems like a marketing item to get you to look at their new, out of the way, webpage. Not really interested.

I just hope this scrolls of aggregation isn’t used to nerf these heroes.


Scrolls of Aggravation would be more like it

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Marketing to sell more pengis before they close the portal and nerf him, bc they aren’t making money on new titan heroes. MT is broken, the game is broken. But they damn proud of it so thats that.


The second issue is out now! Check it out now here: Scrolls of Aggregation #2 | Empires & Puzzles :trophy:


I like the idea behind this - I just sure hope to see more in the future, that isn’t mostly focused on the very top. :pleading_face:

We’re so many down here too…

Which two star hero is the most used?

Which hero is the one that never gets any emblems?

Which battle item is crafted the most?

Which Alchemy orders gets placed the least?

How many ducks have been hunted since the launch of the game?

Things like that. :slightly_smiling_face: It would both be fun and we might learn something from it too. :candle:


Nice ideas, thank you @Gwniver! I’ll make a note to discuss if we could include some of these stats in future issues.


Thank you, looking forward to it. :heart_eyes:

I’ve got plenty more where those came from! :smile:


Second issue is intersting. Good for those who made the list! It’s a stat we don’t normally have access to. I would love to know more about what teams these folks use. I specifically like to see the player with the most unique teams.

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I made a list! :grin::blush:

Pretty cool info


It is cool to know, will be nice to see why are they on the top what heroes are they using on defense or attack, are they limit break or no what troops do they have.
This also can apply to each individual challenge event, including resources

The third issue is out now!


for those that do not want to follow the link:

Uncommon (2-star) Heroes most frequently used in Raid Battles

  1. Layla

  2. Sha Ji

  3. Ragnhild

  4. Needler

  5. Zudak

Note: Layla is BY FAR the most popular Uncommon Hero in the game — she featured in more battles than the other four combined!

Rare and Epic (3 and 4-star) Battle Items crafted the most by players with at least one max-level Forge

  1. Bomb Attack

  2. Tornado

  3. Dragon Attack

  4. Time Stop

  5. Super Mana Potion

Note: Out of the Forge’s more valuable Battle Items, Bomb Attacks and Tornadoes seem to be the most popular — there’s a sizable gap between those two and the rest!

Legendary (5-star) Battle Items crafted the most by players with at least one max-level Hunter’s Lodge

  1. Giant Harpoon

  2. Scroll of Alteration (not Aggregation!)

  3. Hurricane

  4. Titanium Shield

  5. Titan Banner

Note: Veteran players with a maxed-out Forge and Hunter’s Lodge actually craft more Giant Harpoons than Bomb Attacks. Really shows how central Titans are to the E&P experience!

Next up: some numbers from the latest War of the Three Kingdoms (2023-01-02 – 2023-01-07)!

How many attacks did each Kingdom conduct in total?

  1. Wu: 1,948,114

  2. Shu: 1,947,597

  3. Wei: 1,946,966

How much damage did each Kingdom deal in total?

  1. Wu: 8,183,016,36

  2. Shu: 8,164,814,725

  3. Wei: 8,160,631,697

Note: Wu put up the larger figures here, but Shu did clutch more skirmishes to cinch the win. Wu and Shu continue to prevail over Wei… the Battle of Red Cliffs arc continues?

Rare Heroes with the highest win rate in War of the Three Kingdoms first attacks

  1. Goopy

  2. Virgil

  3. Treevil

  4. Bane

  5. Para

Epic Heroes with the highest win rate in War of the Three Kingdoms first attacks

  1. Xiahou Dun

  2. Costume Kiril (1st)

  3. Costume Rigard

  4. Wang Yuanji

  5. Costume Kiril (2nd)

Note: “First attack” here refers to the very first attack a defending team faces in a War (in which all five Heroes will be at full health, naturally). We put this filter in as to prevent Heroes taken on easy cleanups polluting win rate data. So yes — underestimate him all you want, but Bane CAN pull his weight!


indeed, being given to all players at the start of the game helps a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

same for Bane. go Bane!


completely agreed, useful for new players I guess but for those that have some time on the game or have spent money. I am sure 2* are considered only feeders lol.

I am wondering who still uses 2* heroes. I am not saying that it is crazy and if I am not mistaken I have even seen some fully emblemed

Many people under estimate Bane, C Gan ju and other S1 heroes


I don’t understand this,

There are so many other things to prioritize : new buildings, the thing with Dragons that they talked about, 15-16 titans … ?

So yeah why not but I mean it would be more interesting to have data on 5* stars heroes than on 2* heroes…


I find it really fun to read about, thank you for sharing :slight_smile: