📜 Scrolls of Aggregation - Thoughts & Discussion [#5 Out Now!]

We have just published the very first issue of the new Scrolls of Aggregation* — a bite-sized “stats drop” series in which we share some interesting figures gleaned from the latest goings-on in the game.

Check it out here:

UPDATE (22 Dec): The second issue is out now:

This topic is to discuss the article and share suggestions for stats you would like to see included in future editions!


I like this! It’s basically enhanced and stored leaderboards giving more incentive for high ranking players. I am excited to see future iterations and also see myself looking back through these in the future to see how things change.


Why Franz over Hammertusk? Seems like a no brainer.


300% easier to summon. 20 chars.


I do not know what to make of this, is this a bragging stats for top player/alliances? or this is to show heroes to motivate player to pull? (how convenient that this came out with Pengi on top during the Christmas portal)
Does this benefit players in any way? maybe to guide the most used heroes to focus their leveling projects. BTW, It mention the relevance of some 3*s, is it that the majority of the players do not have the top tier heroes and it is their only choice to make at least some damage?
I am not trying to be sarcastic or negative but I am trying to figure out the benefit or relevance of this.


300% of .00000000000000001 is still the same as 100% of 0 - just sayin…


For a moment I got excited that we have a new kind of game item - then it appeared to be Stats of Aggregation :frowning:

Great effort but please don’t tickle our fancy like this :laughing:


Seconded. The player base is all about asking for numbers and stats, as well as more communication. I think this is great. While I’m utterly bumfuzzled at how some players can attain such high damage, the average damage on extreme battles made me feel a little better about myself and my scores, especially knowing that I have exactly 1 (C. Leo) of the top 10 heroes used by the players with the best scores. (And he did help me drop a couple of nice scores with a mono yellow team.)

Players also ask about what metrics SGG uses when making “balance adjustments”. This might help us understand that a bit better, too. It gives us a sense of what SGG is tracking and paying attention to. If Mr. Pengi were to get hit with the nerf hammer - and I’m NOT saying he should - we might point to this crazy high usage of him on Mythic Titans and say, “That’s why.”

Finally, I want to call SGG’s attention to their own words: “A great example of how powerful non-Legendary Heroes can be when fielded in the right situation!” Then freakin’ give us some more of them instead of drowning us in legendaries all the time! There are a non-trivial number of us who don’t mind summoning three- and four-stars, if they are useful.


Are people playing at that level really put off by trying to pull a hero?


always nice to see stats, thanks @Petri for sharing

I have maybe 1 of the top 10 most used heroes… but at least even if I do not have the others, it gives me some idea of what the top players use. granted, most paywalled, but… for some of them I at least have “inferior” versions of them (e.g., Jackal in place of C-Leo) lol


this is great. i always enjoy stats and find them interesting.

i hope this may open doors to buff certain colours or add epic and rare titan utility heroes.

big example is that yellow is missing a normal defense down hero outside legendarys


Fab new community feature :+1:

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While I’m not particularly interested in Mythic Titan stats, I like this idea generally and look forward to more aggregation beyond the MT context.


Kind of. I am a 4 year FTP personally. From my standpoint, and many others who have said so in the same boat, the 5’s are great, fun to look at, and dream of what you’d do if you get them. We never plan or expect to actually get them. FTP and CTP basically pin all hope and success on 3* and 4* acquisitions and if a 5* happens to pop great.

A lot of us are really bummed about Musketeers for example because there are no 3’s and only a single 4. In a portal diluted with S1’s. Given the poor 5* odds it makes no sense to spend coins, much less gems, in this portal. It it is a better bet to save them for CoK. I am still missing Bertulf and Franz from that group, but managed Aderyn, Ferent, and Wren.

That kind of says it all there. CoK = 5 somewhat realistic targets in a portal between the 3’s and 4’s. Musketeers = 1 :open_hands:.

Anyways, this is cool @Petri , thanks for sharing. I would love to see this about all sorts of events and things.



Thanks for sharing the data. No big surprises jumped out on the list.

Reading through the info almost felt like foreshadowing what’s to come AFTER the Pengi portal …errr…Winter portal closes.

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100% agree :slight_smile: odds are so low that pulling any 5* is already a surprise!

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I’m surprised they didn’t call this scrolls of vanity. Vanity pays definitely! Now players will spend even more to get onto the vanity rankings! Way to go!


What to discuss?
It’s the 2nd time we have new about something to discuss but I don’t understand what can we discuss? :joy:

Reminds me of the Raid Index 2020 that was pinned again: Look who is the best for Mythic - Pengi - and where to get Pengi from? Oh wait, we have live summon portal for another 2 weeks

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