📜 Scrolls of Aggregation - Thoughts & Discussion [#3 Out Now!]

Why make a big deal about Bane being on the list when literally everyone gets him? Just by sheer volume alone, he should be on every most used 3 star list.

One could also host competitions related to these numbers. :1234:

Who can guess how many Antidotes were used during Clash of Knights? :smile:


Which minion has been spawned the most times in the entire game? :slight_smile:


Petri hello,

these scrolls are fine and dandy, but can we please get RECURRING weekly/monthly RAID challenge and milestones?

Just a simple :

  • win consecutive 5-10-15-20-25-30,… RAIDS in diamond arena for increasing reward
  • HIT number 1 in raid, top 100 (weekly updated) for a reward
  • get 10 consecutive raid defense wins in diamond (weekly updated) for a reward

JUST those 3 would spice up RAID gameplay and would give some meaning to strive for (You would also strive to get stronger heroes, so you can hit those weekly rewards)

Currently, being nr. 1 means nothing and makes RAIDS without any real meaning…

Thank you for consideration! :slight_smile:

I want the list of most dominant defensive and offensive raid heroes…we used to get that every so often. Should have data readily available, just publish.

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There was a lot of info on the w3k. What we didn’t see though was flag usage. It’s an often heard complaint that players don’t use flags. It’s oft heard that the winner is the team with the least unused flags. It would be interesting to see some stats in this. Maybe:

  • number of unused flags per kingdom
  • comparing kingdoms by (1) skirmish wins, (2) unused flags, and (3) points per flag
  • amount of potential points not achieved by a kingdom: either assuming (1) all flags are successful or (2) all flags achieve the kingdoms points per flag average

I’m not optimistic to see this as it would be used as ammunition. What would be even better though is sharing this as well as ideas to address the issue.

As I’ve posted elsewhere, I see the w3k as an individual event, not an “alliance” event which I don’t believe is the intent. Fixes are welcome.

Whoops. I may have went on a tangent there. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Google translate
Hello, it is true that I visited the site to talk about this, without further ado, I want to say that support high level players, but support low level players so that the adventure will be exciting. I am a 68 level player and there are still 3 5 star heroes of 5 colors, I wish everyone a pleasant game thanks

Upgrading 5 star heroes means spending more time and loot than 4 star heroes you know, considering that 5 more hits of the same color on the same team, it seems like it’s not a problem, but you told the truth and conveyed the facts to the game makers, thank you I support you

Google translate.

Try to translate your post to English to avoid the repeated flag off!

Tekrarlanan bayrağın kapanmasını önlemek için gönderinizi İngilizceye çevirmeye çalışın!

Google translate

:warning: Mod edit: Translation to English
I still do not understand what some of the characters in the application are, can you help me?


Uygulamadaki bazı karakterlerin ne olduğunu hala anlayamadım yardımcı olurmusunuz

Next time please English outside of the #foreign-languages category.

It would be fun to see something like

Which hero got picked the most from Fated Summons? :slight_smile: