Scroll of alteration wrong tile

while facing a blue titan i activated scroll and it changed to yellow tiles so i tried again same thing occurred for my last scroll i cleared all yellows then activated it was then that the greens tiles appeared which resulted in a low hit seems like a glitch don’t know if others have faced this problem

I’m 99% sure that when you use the Scroll of alteration you have to “tap” the hero who’s element you want on the board.

Is it possible you tapped a yellow hero (e.g. Wu Kong?) The first time then tapped a green hero the second?


i have not tapped a hero just hit the pop up normally whan i craft some more i’ll check thx guv

Pretty sure you have to direct the Scroll of Alteration as to which colour tiles to generate on the board.

I’ve only used the scroll twice (haven’t crafted any since) so can’t confirm myself exactly what the mechanic is but as I said, like 99% sure that you choose which colour via a second interaction

If you just tap the board, the scroll will (like mana pots and healing pots etc) randomly target.


If you clicked the pop up I would say it chose one hero randomly as it does for other items. Probably it selected a yellow hero.

You need to select the item and then tap the hero color you want. In this case a green one.


Scroll of alteration is not changing the color to the correct tile color sometimes. It changes them to blue always when it fails.

@Tighand; see my responses above.