Scroll of alteration not being applied correctly on Mythic Titan

I brought a team of four red and Wu Kong and used three scrolls of alteration that turned tiles yellow against Baba Yaga instead of red. Womp womp!

You just used scroll on wu not on red member


With the scroll you tap the target/hero whose color you want the tiles to become. Or at least that’s how I do it. Might be able to tap a tile instead. Maybe you tapped Wu?


Tap right hero and it will work fine. Think it applys to three heroes, so make sure u just tap a red with red ones next to him

I didn’t realize this - so this is a big miscommunication on what scrolls of alterations do then… because the description explicitly states it changes tiles to the enemies weakness - clicking on a hero should not even be a call to action by the user…

FWIW - SoA are used in events too with multiple coloured bosses, not just titans. Hence the need to…

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Except that’s not what it says. Says makes the random tiles match the target’s element. So you click on Wu it makes them yellow. Any of the others…red.


I have been there before, target is very misleading.
I think “hero” would be better wording in this specific case.

But you can use scroll of alteration… without target (at least I remember doing so when I didn’t get the text meaning right) and in that case I think it targets the last hero you tapped.


Your target is not your Hero’s, the target is your enemy. The description is not clear.

It IS confusing on how the card is written, as “target” is used more frequently in other context. the game rarely calls your ally heroes “targets”… so everyone I know used the scrolls the wrong way at first.

It could be improved with copywriting tweak… but I foresee more players getting confused if it’s never corrected.

I agree target isn’t commonly about your own heroes but it does seem common among 5 star battle items.

Name Description
Giant Harpoon One enemy gets 750 damage and -20% attack for 6 turns. If the enemy is a stunned Titan they get -25% attack and -30% defense.If the enemy is a Titan and enough Harpoons are used the Titan will drop Titan Parts. The amount dropped increases with the amount of Harpoons thrown.
Titan Banner All Heroes get +50% attack and +50% defense for 3 turns.
Titanium Shield The target and nearby Heroes reflect status effects and 100% of the damage back to the attacker for 4 turns.
Panacea All Heroes regain 500 HP, are cured of status ailments and gain +30% attack and +30% defense for 3 turns.
Invisibility Potion The target is invisible to the enemy for 3 turns.
Valkyrie’s Bane The target gets -35% defense and a further -5% decrease every turn over 5 turns.
Hunter’s Caltrops The target gets 750 damage. Dispels buffs from the target.
Hurricane The target and nearby Heroes get 100% mana and the board is reshuffled.
Scroll of Alteration 5 random shields are transformed to match the target’s element.
Time Freeze All enemies lose 100% mana and have their normal attack delayed and they can’t gain mana for 3 turns.

What’s lost in this thread is three things

First this part is incorrect as pointed out above by @EarlVerdant Verdant

Second even if target was about the enemy, tiles would have turned green which would have been an even worse outcome.

Third, did you actively select wu each time? If not that’s some bad RNG.

This is not a bug. I hope others will see this an understand how it works. Sorry this misunderstanding/bad luck happened.

Fixed formatting and found this thread that helps explain what things do.

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Ok but in your original post you complained that the scrolls were making yellow tiles instead of red. The Titan is green so in your understanding the Titan is the target therefore the tiles would be green.

Regardless, the “target” refers to who the battle items affect. For negative effects/damage it is the Titan. For positive effects it is your heroes.

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Easy fix, they rewrite it so that it states “Targeted Hero” instead of target.

Easier fix, use common sense

If common sense worked lawn mowers wouldn’t turn off if flipped.

The wording could be changed or, at the very least, the scroll should not work if no hero is targeted.

And, in general, if a considerable amount of people don’t understand you make it so they can.
That’s the reason we have teachers and don’t leave it to books and common sense :woman_shrugging:t3:

It’s not a minor healing option, it’s a much more valuable item.

I get it. Thanks for clearing it up.

If there were no confusion in the description of what a scroll does then there would be no question.

A few people in my alliance were wondering why as well. So maybe reword to “changes 5 random tiles to selected hero’s element”.

That’s what it does. And 99% of the time “target” in context of this game means enemy. So the scroll description doesn’t make sense.

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