Scroll Helper - Not where we really need it

Dear devs,
Thanks for the Scroll Helper feature!
It’s really good… but it’s not where it should be :))

Most popular use case for this feature:

  1. I want to level up my hero;
  2. Open the hero’s card, click Level up;
  3. Sort by Power, so the weakest heroes are at the very bottom;
  4. And at this moment I would like to scrool through all the roster to the very bottom.

Scrolling the roster without leveling up - it’s good, but it’s not the most popular scenario, I’m sure.

@Petri , @Dudeious.Maximus , @Guvnor , kindly ask for your attention.
SG made a really good and useful QoL.
Please copy this feature to Level up menu.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Saw it… Disabled it…

Instead of adding some real useful things like “collect all” buttons, chat emojis and many more the developers adding something that only they thing is useful and at the end the implementation is wrong… Surprise? Not


Yeah, I was sort of shocked when the scroll button didn’t work while levelling a character…like what the hell was the purpose?


Same thing when building your team for raid (and probably for wars too). These new qol-options aren’t there either.