Screen / messages refresh slower


With all the new highlights going on the game can’t keep up with itself.
Accepting new members can/must be done twice before the game realises something’s new.

Also: when closing the chat window the timer on my chests disappear for a second -> chest active again.
Only after that first second the game puts the timer back on.
Maybe it’s because this ‘layer’ (?) is way more complicated than it used to be.
I don’t really know.
I would like to be able to switch off all (for me) useless highlights so the game runs smooth again.

I wonder if the ‘active’ chest i can see for this split second is the chest that is next up. That would be nice… but a spoiler too.


I’ve noticed the “double” accept for new members, but I’m not having issues with the rest.

I’ll make sure to get your complaint to the right people. :slight_smile:


-> update: i found out my phone had an update pending for the game (1.9.2. build 458)
I don’t know why but it didn’t do it automaticly.

Ofcourse i did the update as soon as I found out and lo and behold: most issues have been resolved!

Thanks devs! Good job!

And my apologies for – ME being the one with the slow ‘refresh’ – :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks and greetz Chris


Do you want to list the issues that are not yet resolved, or are you dealing directly with Game Support? :wink: