Screen froze then counted as defeat

I have version 30 update and am using an S20+5G +. I was in my 3rd round of the raid tournament and about to win when the game froze. My phone didn’t freeze, I could interact with everything but the game. Thjs occurred on June 22 at about 11:12am EST. I had to close the game (after waiting about 5 minutes) and then was counted as a defeat (which I assumed it would but the game has never frozen on me before).

Hi, @CDeneca!
The best thing to do is to submit a ticket to customer service.
Good luck!

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It’s the same thing I have experienced twice after updating. I have lost two raids, a tournament and a quest game due the game just freezing suddenly and logging out just like that.

Thanks, that’s what I thought I was doing here as I followed those directions but figured it out now.

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