Scream if you're winning – Add Iconic Horror Stars and Halloween Monsters as Heroes

I’m weird, so I would love to see my #1 Halloween character, Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Special Skill: Snap Attack, lol.


You almost made me pee myself with the though of a “Hot Piss” attack, lol.

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Ohhhh! Lol!!! Ok. I see it.
TY so much

Underscore (the symbol) ghuleh underscore (the symbol)

Let’s do the Time Warp Dance lol always wanted to see it live


I love the idea @originaldaveo

5* Mummy - Holy - Sorcerer
725 Attack
731 Defense
1385 Health
Mana Speed - Average
Special Skill - Mummification

  • Target and nearby enemies receive 200% damage
  • Target and nearby enemies are mummified for 3 turns. This effect is undispellable
  • If a enemy dies while mummified all allies get a soul minion. Soul minion inherits 20% Hp and 15% Atk from the enemy.


  • The target and nearby enemies get silenced for 3 turns
  • The target and nearby enemies get -20% defense
  • The target and nearby enemies get +25% chance to dodge special skills

Nightmare Family gives bonuses for Fear
-2%/-4%/-7%/-12% accuracy for all opponents

I have a few more ideas that I will explore later today.
Love this thread.


**** Of course this is a “fan art” event and not an actually idea.

Imagine having the most iconic horror movie killers into our beloved mobile game?!
There would be some incredible but not overpower 5* heroes.
I even made their cards, because why not?

Here we go:

“Jason” stats:

Rarity: 5* (Legendary)
Attack: 605
Defense: 793
HP: 1421

Class: Barbarian maybe?
Element: Ice

Mana Speed: Average/Normal

Special Skill: immortal from friday 13th

  • Deals 400% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • dispell status ailments from the caster.
  • The caster can’t receive normal damage for 4 turns.

“Leatherface” stats:

Rarity: 5* (Legendary)
Attack: 729
Defense: 718
HP: 1248

Class: idk… ranger?
Element: Nature

Mana Speed: Slow

Special Skill: chainsaw massacre

  • Deals 350% damage to all enemies
  • Deals +50% damage for each fallen allie.
  • Deals +50% damage if the target’s mana is full.
  • All allies get +60% defence against special skills for 5 turns.

“Predator” stats:

Rarity: 5* (Legendary)
Attack: 731
Defense: 694
HP: 1361

Class: Barbarian maybe?
Element: dark
Mana Speed: Average/Normal

Special Skill: killer instinct

  • Deals 215% damage to all enemies.
  • dispell buffs from all enemies.
  • All allies fet +64% chance of critical hits for 4 hits.
  • The caster and nearby allies get +80% defence against special skills for 6 turns.

“Freddy” stats:

Rarity: 5* (Legendary)
Attack: 669
Defense: 712
HP: 1404

Class: hmm… Druid?
Element: Fire (of course lool)

Mana Speed: Fast

Special Skill: One, two, freddys coming for you

  • Deals 255% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies get -20% defence for 3 turns.
  • All allies are immune to mana reduction effects for 4 turns.

That’s it!! Hope u like it. Let me know ur ideas too :slight_smile: and then I can make more custom cards based on your ideas too!!!

see you! xo

I also did “super mario event” here: [IDEA] SUPER MARIO THEME EVENT + custom hero cards


I’m already feeling the tension that something is just around the corner…



Also, this may end up merged to Scream if you're winning – Add Iconic Horror Stars and Halloween Monsters as Heroes


Add some gore fx to the battles for adult players. :hocho:

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I think it’s not really much. The post is complete now X)

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Lol!!! It’s done now!! I’ve pressed shift+enter and posted before it was ready.

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Would be nice :slight_smile:
the post is done now.


The idea is great, but some of these heroes are too strong. What would happened if they are all in one team. Are they fighting against the enemies or try to kill each other :zwinkern:

Haha! Yes, a bit. I’ve made other several cards, improved the artwork but also nerfed a bit the specials.

Besides I don’t think they’re THAT overpowered. Finley is still a lot stronger than all them.

I’m imagining if they’re going to add more horror creatures, it won’t be any that is copyrighted anyways (which does mean those specific ones would be out – but maybe the skill concepts can be reused on other heroes).

Need a chucky

As mentioned earlier, I like the ideas of a mummy, headless horseman as additional heroes for the Halloween event. I’d also like to see a grim reaper, witch, zombie, or phantom.

It would be super fun if they just randomly popped up during gameplay with a bloodcurdling scream to scare you senseless. We could hear each other screaming all over the world!!! (I am a world class screamer with an extremely low startle threshold). :scream::scream_cat:

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