Scream if you're winning – Add Iconic Horror Stars and Halloween Monsters as Heroes

Very good idea, the caster put a single target to dream mode. And if he hit again in 3 turns gives 100% damage to target.

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This is an awesome idea +1
Wish I had a vote to give.
We could get into some LoveCraft, maybe Cthulhu or any other of the great old ones. Endless ideas really…


@PapaHeavy thank you! Yes there’s so much to play with


Ooh I like the idea of a Lovecraft-themed season.

Just how good would Cthulhu be!

5* Xenomorph Queen - Dark Elemental - Fighter

760 Attack
740 Defense
1320 Health

Mana Speed - Slow

Special Skill - Alien infestation

  • Infests all enemies with xenomorph embryos that will hatch after three turns causing 300% damage to the infested enemies

  • This effect can be dispelled, but dispelled enemies will suffer 200% damage over two turns

  • The hatchlings become xenomorph minions, for random allies, with 18% HP and 22% attack inherited from the caster

  • Elemental link: all dark allies receive a 25% chance to lower the enemy’s accuracy by 32%, by dealing normal damage, for three turns


How about this?
Pinhead- Dark Elemental- Sorcerer Class
Attack=650 Defense= 750 Hp= 1450
Mana Speed= Slow

Special= Demonic Chains
-Deals 300% damage to all enemies.
-Drains 400 hp from all enemies over 4 turns. This can’t be dispelled but ends if caster dies.
-Heals caster 50% of damage dealt
Nightmare Family Bonus stated above

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How about something related with alien vs predator!
The hunter and the pray!

I’d like someone like mumra have to get his mana up to turn into the physco bag of bones! Then have another mana bar when his in that mode that sets off another special!

Or do something similar with gremlins!

I’ve been watching horror films since I was a child, most of them honestly made me laugh more than scream. But there was one in particular that kind of creeped me out.

Meet Pumpkinhead.


5* Krampus - Ice Elemental - Druid
792 Attack
657 Defense
1302 Health
Mana Speed - Fast
Special Skill - Bizarre Blizzard

  • Deals 475% damage to target
  • Heals caster for 75% damage dealt
  • Summons snowman minion with 20% HP and 15% attack inherited from caster
  • Snowman Minion and Thorn Minion (if present) combine to form Zombie Minion with 50% HP and 50% attack inherited from caster
    This hero has an innate ability to reflect Fire attack
    Nightmare Family gives bonuses for Fear
    -2%/-4%/-7%/-12% accuracy for all opponents

So I changed Jason to a barbarian and a Nature elemental due to the fact that he resides in a lake, this allowed me to created the Krampus and we’ve gotta get these to the devs

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And if you’ll remember, Krampus could be killed by being stabbed with a stake made from the branch of an evergreen tree dipped in the blood of the dark side of God himself. Creepy much?

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. I’d like to see some Halloween heros/monsters. Like a Headless Horseman holding a jack o lantern bomb that 50 percent damage 10 percent to allies and prevent mana increase for 3 turns. Or how about Oogie Boogie man with poison spider attack. Or water about sexy wolfwoman.


Hey now. That’s a great idea!!!


Love the idea of some Halloween monster based heroes :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Maybe you’re newer to the game, but look for exploding jack-o-lanterns in Return to Morlovia!

Coming to a hand held screen near you!


That would be cool. I haven’t been here during a Halloween before


But that would not be the same as the Headless Horseman throwing one at you. Then again he also could throw his axe

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There is usually a halloween event…