Scramble Board Button


Add this. The single most frustrating thing about this game is when you enter a raid that you should in all rights win easily, but you lose, and then you lose again, and then again, because every time your board looks like someone ejected their stomach contents onto it. With 1 possible shitty move to make, and it won’t even scramble afterwards because you get another, new, shitty move to make, constantly.

This is the single most annoying thing about raids and I’m fully confident that a simple button to scramble the board at the cost of your turn would help a lot with it.


That’s literally half of what battle items tornado does, which you can’t use in raids. Also as currently coded any reshuffling can cause a Cascade. If you could reshuffle at will no one would lose any raid attempt.

Sure, bad boards happen but without the random factor much of the enjoyment of succeeding would be gone.


There was an idea in the “build your own hero” post about creating a hero who could shuffle the board for raids. Just figuring out a way to make them useful on defense as well is tricky.


As you said yourself, you can’t use the tornado in raids. And I’m not talking about a button that you can just keep pressing to reshuffle the board whenever like with the tornado. This would be a button that would actually use up your turn, and I don’t see how that would make it impossible to lose, it’d just prevent shitty losses.

And I don’t remember feeling more fulfilled and enjoying my wins more because oh look, I didn’t get unlucky with a bad board. This is the stupidest thing you could ever say about randomness. I sure as hell enjoy a win that came from good plays more than I do one that I got because I didn’t get unlucky.


It would create a terrible imbalance if everyone could scramble the board until they arrived at one of their liking.


Reshuffle raid board is little cheat. May it is good idea for special skill for new Heroe. If there will be button like this one you must loose something for balancing it or all enemy will on the move…


Having a hero that does this would be useless for everyone who doesn’t have that hero. And if a hero has that ability you still need to in the first place get enough mana in their color, doesn’t exactly help much when your only valid move from the start is a 3 tile move and then another 3 tile move and so on. You’ll be dead before the hero ever matters. And you do lose something, your turn, the enemy still attacks and gains mana while you reshuffle.


All your heroes lose 20% hp to scramble!