🤖 Scoria – 5* Fire / Red from Construct family

Wow, so here’s another, Non-goblin hero with a once goblin only effect.

Just a thought who is stronger Brimstone or Scoria?

Which is a good thing. I think I say it earlier, with and growth are counters to growth and wither.

So mainstreaming those will reduce the effectiveness of goblins.

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Got me two would it be recommended to level both?

No, definitely feed them. ^^


I received 2 copies :heart_on_fire:


Maybe a bug?i only have enough rings for one, side note, if enemies hp is the same scoria will silence all enemies , use dmg share from cinderella to trigger this.



This guy looks amazing. Hes perfect the way he is. He does not need a nerf. With all tje goblins and owls out there we need this guy too.


Of course since complained earlier…

Got Scoria in Covenant Portal.

Wonder if they will nerf lol. (Imo im OKish with nerfs but im NOT ok with what they did to Garten - completely changed. Im against that)

Scoria by a mile and a half.


I’m confused, how does this work? How does Cinderella make all enemies remaining HP the same since they all have different total HP?

Often on events/quests the bosses on the final stage have identical hp, so with shared damage you can ensure scoria hits equally so they all still have equal hp so silence is applied to all


Oh right for some reason I thought they were referring to raids, my bad! Thanks for clarifying :sweat_smile:

Is there a bug in Scoria he seems to be not choosing the highest health to inflict the most damage? Does anyone else have this issue?

happen to me too right after i finished with him :frog: