Scopes to Isarnia or Richard (neither with costume)?

Hi all,

Now that I have 5 Scopes, I would like to start getting insights on this (especially as Frostmarch is coming up!). I’ve seen four similar topics, but the most recent posts were in early 2019 and we know the meta has changed since then… and I also know the advice will be better if based on my specific situation.

I’m C2P, only spending very rarely on deals (have only bought two in 16 months of playing + one free VIP from a friend referral). So I nearly fell out of bed this morning when Richard popped out of TC20. I was already preparing myself to ascend Isarnia, as I know summoning odds are really low.

I’m still leaning more towards Isarnia, as her AOE defense down is devastating. However, Richard’s mana speed will synch a bit better with my other Blue 4s and 5s (none of them are slow, and I prefer color stacking).

Priorities: Titans (my alliance has started graduating from 4* to 5* Titans); War/Raids (more offense than defense), Challenge Events (trying to more consistently place in the upper loot tiers). I’m already done with Season 2 hard, and I am able to complete all Class Quests.

Current 4* and 5* Blues:

  • Lepus +4
  • Aegir +5
  • Isarnia 3/70 (I ascended Aegir before her, because I needed a good tank)
  • Richard 1/7 (he’s new!)
  • Kiril +9
  • Grimm +13
  • Triton +7
  • Sonya +14
  • Valeria +1
  • 2nd Kiril 4/70
  • Boril 3/60 (will probably not ascend unless I have a surplus of capes)
  • Agwe 3/60 ((will not ascend unless I have a surplus of capes))
  • Dupes of Sonya, Grimm and Valeria 1/1

Priorities : Titans, War, Raid offense, Challenge Events.

Titans: Conclusion: Isarnia

My alliance is small (4 people) and we’re only up to 4* Titans, and even those we cannot beat regularly. I’m usually the highest scorer, and have been sharing tips on increasing Titan damage with the others.

My typical Titan team is Wu Kong + defense debuffer + 3 (more) of the strong color. I use Isarnia for Purple and Blue Titans, as I have no defense debuffers in the strong colors against them (Yellow/Green).

Against Red Titans, I would use Wu Kong + Isarnia + Kiril (attack buff) + Lepus (highest attack among my Blues) + Grimm (next highest attack + back up defense debuff). My Grimm has 782 attack, so I don’t see a place for Richard here (his unemblemed, maxed attack is only 644).

Raids / Wars: Conclusion: undecided, leaning towards Isarnia as defense debuff more useful on offense despite slow mana speed

Offense: I usually use 3/2, but have been doing mono more often because I keep running against full 5* teams with more than 9 emblems. I almost always bring Lepus and Kiril, and pick the 3rd to 5th Blues based on the situation (Sonya for dispel, Aegir if I face multiple defense debuffers/need to prioritize survivability, Valeria against multiple healers, etc…) Richard fits in better with the mana speed of the rest of my team. But Isarnia… I know she can be devastating. My highest Blue mana troop is level 8 now, still a ways to go…

Defense: currently using Seshat +6/ Li Xiu +15 / Aegir +5 / Marjana +3 / Lepus +4. this is usually enough to keep me in Diamond (the times I drop out of Diamond are when I have a bad raid offense losing streak…) I am aiming for a rainbow, planning to max Greg. Will probably do Sesh / Greg / Aegir / Marj / Joon (or maybe keep Li instead of Joon, will see). Bottom line: Neither Richard nor Isarnia are making it into this defense any time soon, as I think Aegir > Richard as a tank.

Challenge Events Conclusion: Isarnia

I’m still working on improving my challenge event placement, and Isarnia’s defense debuff (and higher attack) will help more - kill enemies faster, higher score. Her slow mana is less of a problem here, as I can mana potion her up.

Overall, leaning towards Isarnia as her defense debuff is more useful than Richard’s attack debuff, despite her slow mana.

My 4* / 5* roster for the other colors:

  1. Yellow
  • Inari +3
  • Joon 3/70 +2
  • Joon’s costume +2
  • Li Xiu +15
  • Li’s costume 1/11 (current project)
  • Chao +3
  • Wu Kong +1
  • Hu Tao +1
  • Rana 3/70 (will probably ascend over Leo, but still thinking)
  • Leonidas 3/70
  • Dupes of Chao and Li 1/1
  1. Purple:
  • Seshat +6
  • Proteus +19
  • 2nd Proteus +4
  • Sabina +20
  • Aeron +2
  • Domitia 3/70
  • Sartana 3/70 (will ascend over Domi)
  • Cyprian +1
  • Tiburtus +3
  • Tibs’ costume 1/23 (current project)
  • 2nd Sabina +1
  • 2nd Tibs 1/1
  1. Red
  • Marjana +3
  • Sir Lancelot +14
  • Boldtusk +15
  • Gormek +9
  • Scarlett +11
  • 2nd Boldtusk +1
  • Colen +2
  • Kelile +2
  • 2nd Gormek 3/60 (will probably not ascend)
  • 2nd Scarlett 2/40 (may ascend soon, I have a serious lack of Red 5*s…)
  • 2nd Colen 1/1
  1. Green
  • Margaret +1 (yes, yes, I know, but she was the very first 5* I ascended… and does help a lot on offense!)
  • Gregorion 3/70 (will almost certainly ascend over Kadi)
  • Kadilen 3/70
  • Skittleskull +6
  • Jack O’Hare +9
  • Melendor +9
  • Mel’s costume 4/44 (currentn project)
  • Gadeirus +3
  • Caedmon +7
  • Little John +9
  • 2nd Melendor +1
  • Kashhrek 3/60 (will not ascend unless I have a big big surplus of Shields)
  • Gobbler 1/1
  • 2nd LJ 1/1
  • 3rd Mel 1/1

thanks in advance :smile:

I think you’re right in Isarnia. Richard is a solid hero but she fits your needs better atm. Isarnia is better for titans and normally will be better on offense. Richard can be effective in these roles but less than Isa. Additionally, she will be your 5 star wizard whereas Richard would be splitting Paladin emblems with Aegir who fills a similar role.

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I think Isarnia is better overall, however, you already have a defence de-buff hero in Grimm who will do the job for 4/5 star titans.

For war/raids Richard is better on attack- the slow mana can make Isarnia tricky. Except the very fast tournaments

Challenge events is where she will really be good.

Maybe take Richard to 3/70 and see how you like him?

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thanks @Srob! good point about the emblems… now Isarnia’s only competition is Kiril. But Richard will compete with Aegir, who is the better tank in my opinion.

Thanks @Murphy. I’m using Isarnia at 3/70 for Titans for her greater defense debuff… and great point about Isarnia shining in challenge events, where I can mana potion her up… I’m working on Richard now and will play around a bit before deciding.

I’m also saving up for a 10-pull in Atlantis, so maybe Ariel will pop out and surprise me… will think on it a bit.

but wow, Richard is working hard to convince me to pick him… special at 6/8, and he’s only at 1/33…!

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Isarnia is a great hero maxed… Like any glass cannon, maxing her really unlocks her potential, but at 3.70 you just don’t get a proper feel for what she’s going to be.

Richard is tough as old boots, but you don’t need another blue tank and Isarnia is much more potent in attack.

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Thanks! looks like i’ll be practicing my board management a lot with Issy then :wink:

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isarnia, it isnt even close. also, if you emblem her she becomes less glass cannon and more steel cannon.

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