Scopes are so scarce for me... (Help an old vet make up his darn mind) New Poll

I like Magni for stacking purposes. I personally raid using 3/2 most of the time. If you ascend Frida than you have an average speed element defense down that you would want to stack with sniper(s) which you have in Alasie and Misandra. I don’t count Arthur since he is also an element defense down and it would be weird to use those two together. Aegir is a massive tile sink when you raid him but I imagine your war and raid defense are already very solid. Isarnia is of course slow and her tile damage is close enough to Magni that I don’t think the defense down would be worth it. If you really want to get defense down on a titan chuck a harpoon. Also the chances of costumes are miniscule and I don’t think that should be a deciding factor. Even if costumes are going to be a factor than Magni will eventually get a costume too.

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In no way am I basing any of this off of costumes. I hate them and will continue to disregard their existence unless I have free keys. I’ll level whatever crap I get and then use it if it makes sense but planning for it? nah. I’m good.

I still have many unkind things to say about the costumes.

:slight_smile: But your feedback is good. Isarnia’s speed has always been a sticking point for this meta. And I will drop emblems on Magni once Yunan is +20.

Frida is amazing, I’d max her. If you mono, mis can get your average heroes to all fire if mana troops are correct, and if you 3/2 frida is fantastic there as well. She’s great in events and the dispel shouldn’t be ignored, nor should the attack down resist. Both good heroes obviously, but my magni sits at 1/1 and frida is on one of my highest win percent teams.

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But do you already have King Arthur maxed?

Yes sir and I use and like both of them. Don’t seem to hear a lot of folks complain about having too many defense debuff heroes… many max 2 panther or 2 eve, in our case we have a sniper and a splash and can use them how we see fit.

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I was one of the nameless zombies who voted Frida because I didn’t see if you were seeking a hero for a certain aspect of the game.

If the primary use of your elemental debuff is for titans then I agree with your assessment and leaning towards Magni.

I’m still a slow poke and have non farming PvE levels to complete in S2 so I see Frida’s damage to 3, dispel to 3 and other skills as a more useful tool in other facets of the game

But in the end…you gotta kill and kill fast so Magni definitely meets those needs.

P.S. The only good note is you won’t “lose” with whichever chose you make.

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Hmmm… I’ve often thought that Frida would be good in raids, because she hits 3, then Arthur hits 1 so 4 are debuffed when Misandra goes off with the potential to chain attacks.

I’m nixing Aegir and Isarina.

Down to two choices:

  • Magni - speed, tile damage, sniper
  • Frida - Murder Mono, dispel/debuff 3

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You’ll be happy with either, so that’s a good problem to have. If you ever face blue tanks in war, Frida is great there also, deals with big rich and aegir very nicely (where prior to maxing her my blue stack was hit and miss vs aegir) also good to have for BK tanks and such, otherwise you’re bringing Sonya or just hoping he doesn’t get to fire. Anyway, I’ve gushed over Frida enough haha. Good luck.

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Having voted in your own poll kinda a) skews the results and b) shows you have basically already made up your mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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but it gives a direction I was leaning, also.
In both polls, my answer was different. So clearly I’m having trouble making my mind up.

Based on your second poll plans…I flipped to Magni…I forget he has the defense buff sometimes and I think he’ll be a better use for you to have variety. On titans and for debuff Frida does serve her purpose at 3-70.

This decision has been a tough one. But I think at long last my final choice is Frida. It’ll be nice to have a backup -def down on titans if King Arthur gets squashed, and she will be great on raids. I have enough emblems to bring her attack up to 700 and give me passable tile damage, so I think she’ll do just fine. Obviously, her utility in raids is amazing also.

She’s beefier than Magni and, since I’m facing 13* titans, durability is an issue, and paladin emblems only make that easier.

The question then remains… do I drop the emblems from my +20 Falcon and make her ‘super’ Frida? Could also put 5-6 nodes each in KA & Frida.

Thank you all for humoring me through this riveting internal debate…


Hmm… crowd sourcing is fun. I really liked the last discussion, it was fun to see everyone’s thoughts.

Have these @ 4/80
King Arthur (+15), Frida, Ariel (+15), Misandra, Alasie

Scope options

  • Isarnia (costume) - (16 talent levels available)
  • Aegir (no talent levels available)
  • Vela (all druid talents are with Bosswolf)
  • Magni (15 talent levels potentially taken from Yunan)
  • King Arthur2 (uhh…)
  • Frida2 (uhh…)
  • Thorne (hm mm.)

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For me, Vela gets the scopes

Question tho. Is normal Issy levelled & its just the costume that neds levelling? or is it both?

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Issy is 3/70. No scopes used on her. Costume also 3/70.

Icy Isa is a beast.
1k att on a few talent nodes.

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I assume that you are using Grimm for titans then?

Wilbur OR 3/70 Issy-C. depends on what my mood is.

on 14* non-rares, it’s Wilbur.

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Ok I changed my answer to Issy :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s not allowed…

…I was right you were wrong…let everyone bear witness to that

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