>>>Schwarzer Phönix<<< is looking for new long term members

About us:

  • Language: We are a German-speaking alliance with members from all around Germany and Switzerland.
  • Loyalty: Once a phoenix always a phoenix. Half of us are playing together for over a year.
  • Titans: We take down 9* titans regularly and most of the time 10* titans. 11* titans are the next challenge.
  • Ambitions: Our long term goal is to enter the Top 100 and to stay there.
  • Duties: Hit the titan. Grow in strength and trophies. War is optional but if you wanna play war we expect full participation. Our skilled war chief Rhami will help you to optimize your defense and hits.
  • Socialising: The ingame chat is well used. LINE is nice to have but no necessity. The members voted in for an alliance meeting in real life, participation is optional.
  • Support: You need an advise? No problem. We help you to grow and to improve your gameplay.

About you:

  • Do you speak German?
  • Do you have at least 2.200 trophies?
  • You are active daily?
  • Are you able to do approximately 100.000 overall damage to 10* titans?
  • Alliance wars are no ego trip for you?

Perfect! Message our recruiter Sephora on LINE (ID: Sephora0815) or send your request ingame.

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We got one newcomer today, so there is only one spot available now.

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There is still one spot free. Additionally one member announced to quit the game soon so there are spots for two new members.

Today our co-leader Master-Pit made it to 1st rank regional and 6th rank worldwide. Congratulations, Master-Pit! Now we’re expecting global rank nr. 1!


And again we’re searching for two new members. Because of our progress it was necessary to increase the amount of required trophies to 1800.


Our co-leader and chief recruiter Shinzao was very successfull. Not only that he fought his way to the 1st place in Germany, he found two strong new members too. So the phoenix is complete again.

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We have a free spot to offer again. Our progress made it necessary to increase to requirements for new members from 1.800 trophies to 2.000 and from at least 70.000 overall damage to 8* titans to at least 80.000 overall damage to 9* titans.

Recently two members left for a less ambitious alliance so this is your chance!

We had to update our requirements again. New members should have at least 2.200 trophies and be able to do approximately 100.000 overall damage to 10* titans.

Interested? Message our new co-leader, recruiter and mod of the German recruiting LINE group Sephora (LINE-ID: Sephora0815).