Scheduling problem with opting in to war?

With a friend, we did not participate in the previous war. We ticked the box to be in the next one nearly one hour after the end and we appear in the new one in spectator mode. Bug or is there a delay to wait after a war to be in the next one ?

Has matchmaking finished? If not, wait until the match has been made then you will be able to access the battlefield.

@Wolfwarrior as I can see the battlefield and then that we are in spectator mode, the matchmaking is done

I would submit a support ticket, sounds like a glitch.

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@GrandGousier Has your War started yet? Ours is 19 hours from beginning.

@zephyr1 we are now 17h from beginning. I got from SG a standard answer with the “following reasons where you can be placed in spectator mode”, that I know very well. Never mind, I will check the box every day :smile:

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