Schedule for Valhalla Forever

I’m sitting here wondering why in the world would Valhalla Forever not kick off on Saturday? Why have one of the weekend days be blank with nothing to do? It would make logical sense that it start on Saturday and end on Monday or Tuesday. Now people that could use today (likely open time) to complete Valhalla can’t. It honestly baffles me how the schedule is put together. It’s as if it’s not thought through at all.

If you disagree, tell me why.

There’s the potential that people play more on weekdays. Only SG would know that. So maybe they limit it for that reason?

Otherwise your logic is sound. We don’t know the real reason and they don’t tell us.

Maybe they just picked a day in between the other events?

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Folks have to do something at work, right?!
/probably tons play on the can at work…


The list of things I would do in the weekends rather than play any mobile game:

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