Schedule Alliance Wars once a week

E&P is a game with International presence. the mid-week war often creates havoc for awkward timings required for players in different locations.

Reducing the War to once a week on the qeekend will better the game-life balance and the alliance members will also be able to co-ordinate better.

Nooooo. War is awesome if anything they should shift things and have an extra one Tues-Wed, Thurs-Fri & Sat-Sun. Take away a couple of titans and give more time to apply my war paint :smiley:


Just opt out of war.


Completely disagree! We would like them more often… not less! :ghost:


I disagree too.
We need to fill War chest ASAP for the loot.
Half less war means that double time needed for that.

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Wars and titans are the best parts of this game. If not anything else, I would vote for more frequent wars. :slight_smile:


Some people work weekends as well as or instead of midweek. Others (I’m one) have the kind of job where you actually get LUNCH BREAKS (remember those?) when you can knock off three flags and then do the other three when you get home. Mind you I’m not in one of those super co-ordinated alliances where you all have to have the same colours in the same order and attack the team someone tells you to at the designated time. There’s a lot to be said for the casual approach.

Welcome to the forum.
If you only wanna war once a week in your alliance then do that.

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And it will then take on average 10 weeks to fill a war chest? I think SG are done for the moment with disasters…

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War Chest can be programmed for more flags per war. However, I do agree that casual War is the way to go.
Opting out is usually not an option, as you won’t want and it leads to war chest disaster in terms of rewards and participation.

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