Scarlet Gormek or Kelile?


Which one should I level up


like every other time someone asks this question, need to know:

  1. what’s the rest of your team look like (post screenshots)? e.g. if you have Grimm and/or Tibertus, then maybe Gormek becomes redundant.
  2. What do you want to prioritize - titans, raid attacks, defense team, monthly events?


I’ve got a bane, alberich, cyprian and kiril so I do need an attack hero


For me, it’s Scarlett, she’s great for titans (attack down via fast mana) and the normal map. I see her in a lot of raid defense teams as well.

Gormek with his defense down helps as well on titans, but on a higher level titan for me it’s suppressing their attack to keep my team alive. I don’t tend to use defense down much on raids or the world map.

Kelile I think is pretty balanced. I don’t have her so can’t tell, but I use other fast mana attack people and like them.

But the big question is what do you want to use this hero for?


As asked above, what is your main priority?

If its titans: gormek

If its raid offense: probably kelile

raids defense: probably scarlett

I’d personally go for gormek when I look at the rest of your team, having a defense debuffer can do wonders for your titan score and he’s a solid tank.


Also - Scarlett’s normal attack is one of the highest in the game. With three defense/heal types already I’d consider using her because she can be kept alive by the others (she’s got real low defense).


I’d mostly want to focus on raids/ titans

I need a fast mana hero


Gormek will be best for titans. The defensive debuff will allow everyone’s tiles to do a ton more damage…more collectively than the jump from his special damage to Scarlett’s. I’d take him to 60 first. Then Scarlett. her attack debuff is more valuable than Kelile’s small DOT.