Scariest heroes in the game

Which hero do you think is the scariest in the game based on looks?

For me Reuben would take the cake. He has this creepy vibe and has a zombie-like look.

Which hero is scariest in your opinion? I guess you could take special skill animations into account :man_shrugging:


Seshet always has that “I’ll kill you if you even dare look at me” vibe going on.

Well scare the bejesus out of me if I met her in a dark alley anyways :joy:

I got your intent to be visual by the way…some others may decide you mean “scariest to face”.

Which this isn’t (just in case you want to edit the total or your OP to cover that)


Edited :+1:

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Danzaburo. Too much nipplage. And that psychotic grin…
Skadi and her man-hands
Jack - too many halloween horro movies to be shaken off
Frosty - one evil looking snowman
Tyr - it looks like he is coming at you with the intent of putting those claws somewhere they shouldn’t


Krampus and the sound of his special ability match so well. I would freeze if I met him someday.:cold_face:


Ain’t that going a little too far?

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Kunchen always reminds me of a real-life Leisure Suit Larry … shivers


I thought a little, and I’m back with more ideas.

  • Finley
    That face… and also his special skill sound makes me shiver

  • Alfrike
    I don’t know what, but there’s something about her that’s just plain unsettling.

Get in the van…



Leisure suit larry taught me the meaning of prophylactic, for which I will be forever in his debt


At first I thought Chochin was a barrel of toxic waste. Still have that image in my mind when I see him. No, no, don’t spill!

And costumed Skittleskull is the stuff of nightmares.


LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I can’t believe no one said Buddy yet. The look is straight up full blown creeper stare … instantly makes Santa suspicious through association. I don’t even want to post it … you can’t look away …



Gill-ra ! Gill-ra! Gill-ra!


I wouldn’t say any hero in E&P scares me, but there are two I find profoundly unsettling.

Valeria: the missing pixel on her left breast has been a nightmare for my OCD since I realized it wasn’t a dead pixel on my screen (please, fix it :sweat:)

Costumed Greymane: it looks like the product of the twisted mind of a vampire terrified psychotic taxidermist.

Also… Pixie’s silhouette is somewhat disturbing.
I can’t decide if it’s her improbable waist, her legs and feet or her arms and general posture but she looks way too childish and way too sexy [un]dressed at once.
Makes you think Friar Tuck got his costume to net her. In his van.


Scary as in intimidating? General Grievous errr I mean Gravemaker of course. I mean who wouldn’t be intimidated by a horned skullface dude waving dual flaming blades of death at you?

Scary as in “creepy”? Buddy bar none. There is just something profoundly unsettling about that smile, and his tiny stature just cranks up that creepiness to 11. Santa done goofed on this hire. :rofl:


Baldur! Has the back of a man and face and hairstyle of a woman… that’s scary as hell…

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Poseidon, and his dead cod face. There is something unexplainable in his design, making him creepy as hell. Look at his skin, his webbed hands, his absurd squint, his posture… it’s like somebody put his hand inside his butt*ole and was playing with his corpse, like a puppet.

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That’s creepy…:joy:

It has to be him. Now he would scare me in real life


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