Scaling Season 2

What do people see as the pinch points here?

  • Build times , if they extend max build level in line with current trends to eg 30 the build times might be up to 3-4 weeks for the top levels.

  • Is there any attention absorbing extension unless they make 6* heros, or introduce a sixth color (orange it should be)? So is such a thing necessary?

  • Would new map sectors be too hard for majority players?( ( most mmporgs make a new season immediately playable to end level players with benefits that quickly supercede the ‘last’ season, and so at the same timemake it easier to progress to the point where you can play the new season).

  • Whats the killer addition - a new mechanic entirely? Is one needed? - I guess I mean something like hero items , which works like troops, equipped to a hero, eg sword of vanquishing ( bonus points for getting the reference)

Any thoughts?

  • Build times: I think that if they introduce higher levels they should scale the build times that 1 week is still pretty much the highest build time. I’m not at all sure that they should introduce higher levels tho, maybe new advanced buildings are enough… I don’t know, higher levels might be needed.
  • 6*heroes: Now this I don’t really like, but might be okay with the same re-scaling as I talked about with the building. Maybe not yet with season to, maybe as a “mid-season” goal? necessary? migth be in the near future, but as a new-ish player I hope that not too soon. New color? maybe, depends on the implementation, but not necessary imho.
  • New map: I think it should be harder yes, catered to end game players. Maybe as a continuation to season 1 (in terms of difficulty) or something like that the starting difficulty is somewhere around maybe province 15 on the season 1 map. But definitely geared more towards end game.
  • New feature: Maybe, could be nice, the troop were well enough implemented that I have trust. But not necessary imho.

That’s my 2 cents :slight_smile:

6* heroes cannot happen.

Why? Because there are players who dumped HUGE (several thousands of dollars) amounts of money into their rosters. Invalidating that would be the end of the game, no discussion.

Introducing Orange color would make boards tricky. I think if they wanted to play around hero types, hybrid heroes or chameleon heroes (changing colors, either mid-fight, before-fight, or - maybe - daily or randomly) would be the easier routes to choose.

I hope Season 2 will be more than a new map, though.

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Many people think that 6* are a necessary next step. I myself am starting to see that little bit also. But true, if it is to be done, it has to be implemented wisely so people don’t just ragequit.

About the 6th color, I think the board should stay as a 5-color. Leave out one color that is not in your team. But color changing or hybrid heroes are also great idea.

Season 2 will most likely just new provinces, new heroes (may only be attached to a new challenge event), a new advanced building, more avatars and some various quality of life changes. All of that would be SG being generous.
I don’t see SG “revamping” the game with a new color or 6* heroes or anything wildly different.

Rather than new 6* heroes just allow each hero to be taken up a star level so that 5* can be taken to a 6th star.

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Troops are good to improve a heros balance (more defence for light defence heros or more defence for tanky heros to boost them even further)
To your last point I would suggest something which brings more strategy in the game. Everybody nows a great board almost always wins. I find myself only debuffing the enemy or buffing myself so I really like to have something to spent my thoughts on. An item for a hero (adding an ability or something) would be okayish imho.
I love the game and I’d say I’m pretty good in using (even bad) boards to my advantage but I like to have a little more versatility.
If it’s a complete new mechanic or more heros that can do different stuff than “Hits enemy and enemy around”, “Buffs” or “Debuffs” someone/something I would be very happy.

I agree it would be the end of game