Scaleable Level Quests


So wouldnt it be much better to make all the regular quests (i.e. the gather food, resources, xp and others) scaleable to each individual players level. Most of them seem to be designed for a player no hugher than level 5 or so. For the higher level players they really arent even worth doing anymore. Why would i want to do 3 quest levels to gain 50k in food when my farms make that much in an hour. Seems to make sense to make the levels harder with higher rewards for the more advaanced players. At this point you basically have to wait a week or so to get a rare quest while all the other worthless ones never get played. This will only get worse once players finish the “map levels” as then there will be nothing new to play. Replaying the same levels over and again will eventually lead to boredom and people moving on to a new game. Got to keep it fresh E&P…come on…


That is a very good point. If they are not going to introduce a new map, then better rewards would be an incitement to continue.
Many players have finished the map ages ago and replay the same levels over and over. it is boring already!