Saying goodbye



Well done indeed! :hugs:
It is bad enough to pick up the slack for inactive lazybones on the titan. Items do not grow on trees, ya know.
But losing the war and getting robbed of the ham and iron for winning - just because some people cannot be bothered to get their xxx in gear and show up for the war … naaawww, enough is enough.

There are casual players - and alliances for those - and less casual players - and alliances for these. Being in the wrong type of alliance feels like wearing the wrong size of shoes. :wink: It just does not feel comfortable.

@Dante2377 gives great advice, by the way. :hugs:
I remember him saying in the forum that, as the game progresses, an alliance that was once a good fit may not be a good fit any longer.

Or as you yourself progress, I may add…

That was a while ago. And I could not get his words out of my head. As I was growing more and more dissatisfied with the alliance that I belonged to, that I had helped build up, and that I had once loved. I felt more alienated every day. I no longer belonged there. I had simply outgrown them and needed to be among those who are like me, play like me, think like me, act like me.

In early May, I found an absolutely wonderful alliance - a place where I belong, a place with those like me, a place where I feel at home. So I left my old alliance and moved to this lovely new home. And I am very glad that I did. :hugs:

All the best to you in your new home, @FraVit93!!!


The right alliance makes all the difference. Your values and goals have to line up. We have an alliance of mature players which means we are constantly dealing with mature issues such as family crisis, health issues, other life issues. It’s our choice to accept we won’t beat every titan or certainly win every war (ONCE would be nice though).

We each have to decide what is most important to us and we have a fiercely loyal alliance completely supportive of each other.

It’s taken us a while to build this alliance, and we are very careful to monitor inactivity. The players we currently have are more valuable to us, even if they need a few days off, than a new player we could bring in who wouldn’t be a good fit.


I don’t know if there is some bias in EP RNG but I got from my TC20 three elena, three justice, three liana and 6 more 5* in 6 months (15 5* on 194 pulls). So I’m lucky (in same time my brother got 2 5*) but getting 3 heroes 3 time (3 lianna in a 5* row) is quite disappointing.
Now I understand the OP. I got 4 telescopes in 13 months (all coming from the rare quest) and it was really frustrating, I also thought of leaving the game because of those missing materials but thanks to my alliance I’m still there. Thanks also to RNG I got 8 telescopes more in 2/3 months :slight_smile:


Totally agree with this. Farming is so borring, I have tried to use the loot ticket but it is worst. Filling the monster chest with 8 loot tickets on 8-7 rewards you in better case one or two heroes and the same in troop when doing the same by hand rewards at least the double (I know my sample is small, arround 15 * 8 loot tickets coming from 5 dfiferent players but I´m sure it’s more than perception)

I’ve not spend a cent in two months :slight_smile: and I’ve not seen any difference so I will continue without putting my money in the game.

I’m waiting season 2 to see if SG is going to change its strategy else they definitively won’t get more my money


One dart from 100 monster’s chest and a unfarmable from reduced loot: V

Not bad as start :slight_smile:


If I have to leave, it’s SG’s fault. Since the event, I’ve seen 1 Orb drop off 9/10/11 star titans, the ONLY ascension item. I had an elemental chest with chain mail and tall boots. I’m over 300 world energy without seeing 4 star crafting materials. What do they expect me to do? They are basically telling me to quit. I can’t craft items, can’t ascend heroes… they are leaving me no choice.


You also have a position of privilege that would probably be jeopardized by anything less than absolute devotion.


Off-topic. I can PM you if you want to discuss.

Back to topic. :slight_smile:


You want to see a game that will empty your wallet in a hurry, try War Robots. Then again, no, don’t try it. It’s a blast for about a week, until it’s mismatch-maker starts tempting you to buy stuff to be able to keep up. Except like this game, you can’t easily pick what you’re buying. We’re taking hundreds of $$$ a pop that could easily run into the thousands, only to have the cycle repeat itself a month or two later when they trot out even more OP gear. It’s advertised as F2P, but it’s absolutely P2W. One of their former producers openly boasts about how much money they’ve made selling power. Totally destroyed a once great game by creating near complete imbalance. E&P is nowhere near that bad. Yet.


wait until season 2 gets release


I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to know the results lol. Totally off topic but I gotta know if you land a 5*!!


So far three 3* and one 4*…two to go!


I hate long goodbyes :grinning::grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile::laughing::wink:


You are wrong. Playing about 6 months. In Diamond level for Raids. While I can’t beat the top guys, have reached 205 on the American list and about 1300 worldwide with a strong but still growing team of 4 4 stripers and one maxed 4 star. They will eventually get to 80 and I will bang on that door. Yes older players have one shots which I do not have but E@P will be recycling a lot of them during season 2 when I will get a chance for them. Meanwhile surviving quite nicely with GraveMakerr, Lianna and Delilah, and waiting for Gregorian to level up. I spend some money but nothing like what some people claim.


I left about 2-3 months ago and don’t miss it. I have other games I’m playing. Sounds like the same issues are just continuing, but kudos for those who are continuing the slog.

BTW I want this account deleted here but I am not able to. Can someone help me out?


I feel your pain. Similar frustrations here led to my quitting and deleting. I threw time and money at the game for months, and I eventually felt like it was coming to nothing. It got particularly bad when folks I played with since the beginning disappeared in droves due to the same problems. But like someone else here remarked, there are new people coming in and throwing their money away on the app every day. They don’t have to care that folks are quitting after X months, so long as new players keep coming. So the inherent problems in the game will never go away. Really no reason to come back, thanks to that, which is a bummer.