Saying goodbye


This is why the OP made the post. :slight_smile:


maybe put your glasses on before reading threads like these? since i have stated that i WILL NOT RETURN AND THE POST WASNT MADE TO FIND REASONS TO STAY IN THE GAME.

You are probably a newbie or you havent been socially active in the game chats and on Line so you will not understand a post like this…

LASTLY the reason people make post like this is simple…to say GOOD BYE and to share their REASON FOR LEAVING…why would anyone bother to share their reason for leaving? Its very simple…if the DEVS see why people are leaving they might improve the gameplay for those still playing…so its an act with the hope that somehow you made something better for others.



First of all, it always sad when someone that sprend a lot of time in the game leaves…

I really don’t know you but I can simpatize with you since I suffer from a big wrath when the Avalon came!!! I stayed away from the game 2 weeks.

I left my alliance, a top50 one, and just was there without login in. One day I logged the game and some small alliance was asking for help, I was there, help them and everything I lost when I spend my gems (was a lot of them) in the Avalon event I take it back…

This game has some stages psychologic speaking!!!

My advice to you is to leave your alliance and just be there… Some people will ask you for help, some will try do be your friends, some will see you like a true GOD in the game…

But everyone here have a real life outside and the moment you see the game is hurting your life, you have to stop…

Sorry for the long post… Stay well m8!!!


For me the most frustrating part of this game is not able to get 4* ascension mats for my hard earned 5* heroes. I understand summoning drop rate for 5* hero can be very slim it is how the game makes their money and honestly other summoning games also have pretty low drop rate (not as low as this one). What is the fun of not able to ascend our 5* heroes while we have already spent lots of money on getting them.


I more or less did the same…just stayed in the starter alliance I was helping.


There’s a reason why some game developers will actively seek feedback from users quitting their games. Such feedback is valuable to them.

May your farewell post be the butterfly wing flutter that sets off the breeze that spawns the storm that brings me 5 poison darts. Hope: some say it’s for fools, but if that is so, then there’s a whole ship of those playing this game :wink:

Once a gamer, always a gamer. Much luck in whatever else games you play.



Ditto everything you have said. I have 3 accounts and have left all my alliances recently in preparation to quit as well.
What I find most fustrating is that no amount of time or money will catch me up to someone who has been playing for a year longer than me. There is no experience based adder to level the field between players and buyers. It is a hard realization, but I have tossed many hundreds of dollars at SG while proving this out.
I feel your anger and anguish and will be joining you in the ranks of the dead soon enough.


The question for the people who think that they should have the right to accelerated gameplay to be able to catch up with those who’ve had a year’s more playtime and account development is how they would feel if, after a year, they found the new players demanding to be able to catch up to them because a year’s more playtime and possibly monetary investment is somehow unfair to the newer players.

I’ve had a little over a year playing. I figured I’d never hit the top 100, because there was no way I could catch up to the players who’d been here much longer. The other day I got to 5th place overall, very briefly, before I got raided back down out of the top levels.

The real point is that once you put together a basic toolkit of leveled heroes, both 4* and some 5*, the big difference becomes a matter of skill. I’ve got most of my basic toolkit put together, aside from dark heroes. That’s still enough to compete into the top 100 regularly, even for someone like me who primarily raids just to fill the chest.

Someone at the top of the heap has the basic tools I have, plus all the special things like odd-head screwdrivers or unusual shaped wrenches to deal with weird and surprising hero combinations and situations. They also often have months more practice and skill development to use what they have more effectively than I can.

From my personal experience, given a year it’s genuinely possible to compete at the top level. Paying money helps of course, but I’ve gotten a decent batch of 5* heroes from TC20 for free - Elena, Joon, Marjana, Leonidas, Elkanen, Lianna and Sartana. From free epic hero tokens out of chests I’ve had Elena, Obakun, and the HotMs Perseus, Gravemaker, and Gregorion. There’s a reason this game has picked up the nickname ‘Empires & Patience’ though. If you expect to get near the top quickly, you might be better off looking for a different game.


tThe OP has it right on the head in one respect - when a game is not fun anymore, it’s time to stop playing. Hopefully he enjoyed most of his time playing and kudos on being self aware enough to realize “it’s over” for him. He’s certainly entitled to give his feedback here.

I’m going through something similar - early on, I tracked and analyzed everything included tracking each titan hit with what teams, how many chests of what type before a rare chest, etc. That was enjoyable then as a means to better learn the game and be a better player. But it became just a chore. So i stopped and now I just play. I don’t worry about cups. I dont worry about ascending heroes, though I do level and ascend them. I spend more time on raiding and AW since that’s what I really enjoy. If my mystic vision sits around awhile or my world energy flags sit unused for an hour while i read a book, oh well.


Just like me: I think that I’m not even near to your level but I give the priority to empower heroes to kill titans to gain stuff to empower PvP heroes and finally play raids and wars at a good level.

With the only difference that I care about cups but ther’s nothing I can do if peoples smash my defense :man_shrugging:

Id hope there will be something entertaining to do ingame with no flags cost… otherwise I’ll follow your example as I have many books :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP Ratface. We all love you and you will be in our hearts forever. The game will just not be the same anymore. I know you made up your mind so I’m not going to try changing it but know that you always will be special to someone.


I have felt like leaving the game for quite a while, the ONLY reason I stay is because I am the leader of an awesome group of people, in Knightmares Alliance. I deal with frustrations every day, where the game is concerned: through playing it personally, but mostly hearing the frustrations of my people in the alliance. The co-leader and the elders I have chosen are superior in encouraging the rest of the alliance when they voice their frustrations about the game. We’ve all gone through the monotony of hearing game support tell us time and again, “to have patience and that the game is random when it comes to getting everything we need from it.”

I enjoy the game. I’ve spent serious money in the game to try to keep it interesting. Something needs to be done with the summons! When time and again, I or anyone spends 2600 gems and only gets 3* heroes, at any given time, is maddening! Or when myself or anyone has their training camps maxed out to only get 3* heroes, when your clan members tell of getting 4* & 5* heroes regularly! How can the game be “random” when it’s so inconsistent?! How can the game be perfect for one and maddening for another?! For example, I have all my farms maxed out and can’t keep enough food to support the processes I need it for? When others say they have an excess of food and can’t use it up? I have everything set up as they do and they have excess and I can’t keep enough?! How can the game be so perfect for one and not for another?

Now I am rambling. I didn’t intend to actually go on a rant about the game’s negatives, when factually that’s what I’ve done. I will probably get some negative responses to this post. It seems that’s all I ever get when I post something. That’s a major reason I don’t post much anymore. (It’s my pity-party, and I’ll cry it I want to!)

Oh well. Kay Sara, Sara. My rant is over.

Good luck in life Ratface.


Hi Gideon, I’m not trying to shoot you down, you have your frustrations and every right to air them.

But this quote perplexed me… I guess there are different kinds of ‘random’ but I would closely associate randomness and inconsistency.

Some atoms float through space for eternity and some coalesc into mighty stars.


I can understand the frustration though. The game is skewed too far to random, both in material drops and especially hero drops. and that has a great impact on early mid game user experience.

my main account got these heroes from the starter deal - Richard, boldtusk, tibertus, chao, melendor. Yo almost couldn’t ask for a better starting team. I assumed everyone got something like that.

after awhile i started my alt. his starter deal gave me boril friar tuck and some crap 3s (graymane and oberon or something) to go with Bane. if it wasn’t for th fact that i knew how to power build and get tc 13 going while waiting for tc 20, i would have stopped playing. main team of Kasshrek rigard boril bane and LilJohn is a crap experience compared to the other 5 above. if that was my first account I probably would have given up on this game long ago.

While randomness can be a good way to fight against p2w, there’s many areas here where it’s gone too far.

IE I believe every tutorial should give not only Bane, but also Hawkmokn or Belith. The difference in what you can do with having a full team healer vs not early game is staggering.


:arrow_up: This!

For example, by farming the map you couldn’t even gain enough items & recruits to 24/7 more than one TC2, common herbs are the plague of the game and improved chances to gain stuff, in my experience, are not even 50% chance to get one piece of said meterial. The only thing you’ll not roun out are common herb. They even troll you by “growing more” on map 8.

Soooo funny having to wait for heroes, then for ascension’s meterials, then for items to make heroes to then see new heroes that will make obsolete your actual heroes :rofl:


farming 5-8 gives me enough packs and stuff to recruit uncommon more or less full time. ofc i need to stop and fill my extra low costs. But that’s th nature of an rpg style game - limited resources so you have to choose. Do this: spend awhile doing 3 tc at extra low cost and one at low cost. a couple days a couple weeks, enough to build up many days on two of your extra low cost. Then you can load up uncommon training from all hose backapcks while farming 5-8 for more and not have to to worry about filling up the other 3.


I tried but then I noticed that my reserve of dragon bones were vanishing :frowning:
Now I’m doing 2x TC20, 1x TC11, 1x RC2 to find the last 2 4* heroes I lack (and maybe Magni or Sartana, who knows) while feeding only Gravemaker 4.11, Lianna 4.73 and Obakan (going to 3.70 for now).

Even running full fodder while having the materials (that doesn’t lasted too much) the required time is insane.


that’s why you farm 6-8 or 12-9 for a couple weeks to build up that stash. but honestly if you’re needing timestops that often then you’re hitting above your weight class in titans and that’s not sustainable.


We had to kill 80%hp of 7*/8* titans hp with 7 players.
If they hadn’t promoted me to leader I would already had changed alliance :man_shrugging:

I’ve no success on recruiting advanced members.


Be that as it may, it is still unsustainable. Looking into my crystal ball, I see you continuing to do this until you guys run out of timestops/dragon bone/high end crafting materials and then your alliance either disintegrating and you’re left with no dragon bones and moving to another alliance anyway OR you guys run out of crafting materials, people stay, and you all settle down into 5/6 star territory and have to rebuild your crafting stash.

two better options would seem to be: only use 1-2 timestops per titan and let yourselves settle into 5/6 star titans and keep your stash of crafting materials, which you can use slowly to grow as your teams grow OR leave now with your crafting item stash. Those both seem like better options to me than the path you’re on now.