Saying goodbye


I have just deleted my game after I said goodbye to my alliance and some of the people in PEER SUPPORT…just wish I couldve said goodbye to more people. I have met wonderful people in the game, we were all just gamers, not real life friends…but it truly feels like we really got to know one another and felt like a cameradie, a friendship.

My reason for deleting my game is simple…as many others before me…the game became stagnated, I was in a rut. I started playing last year and after many many months I have quite a bench. Sounds impressive…to some yes…to others no.

What is the use of playing for MONTHS on end and I still cannot even ascend even 1 five star hero? I spent money on this game…got 5* heros in draws and from my Training camps which ran day and night…grinded my butt of farming daily to stock that farms…logging in DAILY and spend hours on this game…for what reason?

So yes…it comes down to ascension materials…what is that 4 or 5* worth without ascension materials…NOTHING! I had full 4* heros…but never could get a 5fully ascended. Everyone ALWAYS tells you “have fun,relax and have PATIENCE”…true but in a month or two its close to a YEAR that I have been playing…so without any disrespect to those awesome people who told me this…what is patience? Is patience waiting another month or two to finally ascend one 5 hero…or is patience waiting 3 years to have a fully levelled 5* team? One of the reasons that i took the final step in quitting is all the offers on ascension materials …this is clearly showing the route SG is taking and their way forward. I have always said I will spend money where neccessary but I WILL NOT BUY ASCENSION MATERIALS. I stood by my own words and i will not and luckily wont be looking at that offers anymore.

I have given SG the benefit of the doubt that they will fix wars…i believe they will succeed, but what is the use putting time and effort into planning and playing wars if the loot is not worth it? Yes i agree…its about fun…but the fun soon end when the dissapointing loot pops up!

TITANS have always been the MAIN FEATURE of the game…these I will surely miss…even if the loot sucked there too!!

I just want to add that when I am talking about loot that suck I am not one of those players who expects an ascension item from every single titan or war…BUT I am just like every other player who EXPECTS to get an ascension item every once in a while!! What is once in a while? I will leave that question hanging…

I have showed enough patience, spend enough money and wasted enough time. Playstore has thousands of other wonderful games.

The thing that kept me going for so long is all the wonderful people I met in peer support, alliance recruit and in alliances when i visited for a while or when i helped with a titan hit or three. I had wonderful times on the game, and most of the time it was the social aspect…the chats the laughs and the fun. It is these things that i will miss dearly.

This message is for all those people I did not have a chance to say goodbye to…this message is for all of the people who feel like quitting too and lastly if the DEVS read it…maybe they will realise that the game is going nowhere slowly and more and more people will catch a wake up as time goes on and they WILL leave. This is another oppportunity for the DEVS to fix what is broken and keep their players.





If it’s about ascension items… I have been playing for around the same time as you, 10 months or so. I have been able to get four 5* heroes to the last ascension tier (only one is fully ascended yet). So yeah, it takes time, a lot of time to ascend a 5*. My main source of 4* ascension items have, unsurprisingly, been rare quests. In the time you and I have been playing, it is definitely possible to get one set of 4* ascension items in each colour. Have you been completing all the rare missions? Another thing, starting by around 9* titans, ascension mats definitely become a lot more common. You may not get them from every titan but you definitely get them a LOT more often, and that’s even with C level loot. Before, when I had been in an alliance who fought mainly 6* titans, ascension mats were barely ever seen. Now that I’m in an alliance that fights 9* and 10* titans, I can expect the good stuff, well, I dunno, every third titan, conservatively speaking.


I had played almost every single quest, filled my chests as soon as reasonably possible and partook in events…i guess its more the RNG factor and my account has just been badluck from the start…since other people had better luck than me with event pulls too. So yes if its all down to luck then I had some of the worse lol. I had a fully ascended 4* of each colour so yes i had a few 4* fully ascended…my Lianna only needed 1 tonic for her final tier…but this is what i am talking about…if she will level next week or next month…how much longer should i wait for azlar, domitia…elana and the others? I am not sticking around for another year to find out.

I appreciate your response to my post, thank you.


Thanx @Ratface.
I do not think we crossed paths in game but I feel your pain.
When reading your post I think you are a decent an nice person in real life. Sad to see players go for this reason but as mentioned, I know your feeling.

Wish you all the best and hope you find a new fun game to spend your time on :slight_smile:


Rather than saying goodbye forever, why not take a hiatus until season 2 in a few months? I am hearing of more and more people, in your EXACT shoes, doing this. They leave their alliance, set their defense team, log off/delete the app (as long as connected to game center of the like) and wait. Can still creep on the forums for when it hits beta and maybe then you reengage and get back into the swing of things (find an alliance etc.).

PLUS - I hear they run some killer ‘you’ve been gone a while’ deals to get you spending again. :wink:


I feel the same way. Lastly I got Richard and Azlar, but I can’t be happy about it. I am f2p and not able to compete with others. I can’t get any HOTM while other players get them twice or a few even 10x, ridiculous. I have every common 3* hero fully leveled but I don’t have squire rabbit. Alle the top scorers in the beginner event in guardians using him. Same with the horse from summer event. How am I able to compete against others? I know SG needs money but the difference between f2p and p2w is too ■■■■ high. The concept of p2w ist totally crazy. Imagine something in games like CSGO or LOL. Without a fair competiton such games are just…


I will also say goodbye soon, too much money for not enough effects


I feel your pain, I’ve been playing this game from February, I have 7,5* heros 5 are 3 level 70 waiting for their final ascention, I have numerous 4* fully asended I have level 20 watchtower, all my farms, mines, 4 iron storage at 20, 1 at 16, two food storages at 20, one at 18, one training camp at 20, one at 19,11,and 9,troop camp level 7, forges at level 16 and 11, so when I read in this forum and a player such as yourself expresses their frustration and another player tells you it’s about grinding it out, I know about the grinding it out part but where is the reward, I know how it feels because I’ve spent plenty money on this game because I like it a lot, but the reality is that it takes to long to get certain mats, and to tell you the truth I don’t see that changing any time soon.


another player quitting for the same reason and nothing is done about it… half of my ally quit for the same reason and me after i was so active i barley play the game now… now you will get few people who support w/e the admins do and tell you it was your mistake to pay :smiley: then this topic will be moved to another long list of topics that is ignored and you will get no reaction at all from anyone.

goodbye friend i will join you soon


I really can understand how you feel, somtimes waiting is frustrating, i agree.
But finally, the game works without spending any money, at least for me. Even i would not call myself being very lucky. Playing one year now. Waited about 6 month to get my first 5*. Today got 16. Why quit the game and leave an alliance with nice people? Why compare with people who spending lots of money? Why call it waisting time? You like the game itself and the people in your alliance,…for me it’s not waisting time. It’s just spending time for something i like, no matter how strong my heroes are.
Sure i try to improve,… but hey it’s finally a game,… i can not get anything outoff it. So finally you can call it waisting time anyway. But i don’t!


They gacha dollars they don’t care


It’s all about luck. I’ve been playing just over 8 months now and have spent only some money on the game…but I’m overflowing with ascension items. I’m about to max Delilah and will max Gravemaker next then probably Sartana and still can max a green 5* if I had one and then almost enough for another green 5*. All the items add up from events and quests etc etc.


This. Millions of downloads * newbies spending money = they don’t care about anyone quitting.

They’re printing money right now.


So long and thanks for all the fish.


I agree with the Season 2 comment. That would be my chosen route.

I know it’s frustrating to play a game when you can’t seem to get ahead, and it doesn’t comfort you to be told everyone else is succeeding… know that it IS possible (those responding here are proof), and I agree with the others: I’m here because I enjoy spending time with my alliance mates, most of whom are far above me now in terms of power. It is what it is.

Best of luck to you whatever you choose, @Ratface. :slight_smile:


You can call it rng, luck or its absence I’m not interested in it, I paid a lot for my terms and I did not get much, I’ve been playing for 8 months and I’m really fed up. The only thing that keeps me in the game is my alliance but it’s not enough to keep playing and I will not pay for anything in the game


I often point out that the game provides free heroes via the training camps: TC12 (3*), TC13 (3*, chance of 4*), and TC20 (3*, chance of 4/5*).

Also there are a number of ways to get free ascension materials in game, at least one (Rare Quests) offers two guaranteed items every time it comes up, not to mention Wanted chests, Rare Wanted chests, Titan loot, Mystic Vision, and even War loot. It all adds up.


Thanks for everyone’s input, just to be clear…I am not looking for reasons to hang around, I am certainly not going to wait for season two nor am I going to play the game just for friends (saying this with utmost respect to them), only to realize a year from now that I have actually wasted another year of my life playing this game…this realization will hit most players sooner or later…its just a matter of “WHEN” to take the final step and quit. I am done and over this game.

I made this post as a goodbye message to those that I could not say goodbye to (in the game).

@Rook , I had been in your alliance for a while too, you have a good thing going and to be honest…MISFIT TOYS is an alliance that the 7days franchise should be wary of because you might take their spot one day soon.

I wish you all the best.



i’ve started playing last march and i already have materials for Vivica’s last ascension. Sand empire event gave me yunan with one pull and he’s on his way to final ascension. only two mystic tonics short. azlar or red hood are on their way too to the final ascension…

i don’t say “have patience”… i’ll say “good bye”


I have never understood why some people find it necessary to announce to all and sundry that they are leaving, then hang around to see how many people try to convince them to stay. You see it all over social media. Attention seeking much? If you’re leaving, just go. Nobody is going to beg you to stay. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. Hope ya find a game that suits ya better.